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by Joseph Gallagher  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 22, 2021   

Prayer rally in Michigan

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More and more Americans are realizing the gravity of the situation the country finds herself in. Church Militant's Joe Gallagher tells us about a prayer rally here in Michigan that has transformed into a multifaceted event, focusing on issues ranging from election theft to persecuted Christians. 

On Saturday, Sept. 18, Christians of many stripes came together for the seventh annual Solemn Prayer Assembly. This year's event featured four main segments: "Honoring the Victims of 9/11," "Freedom, Liberty and Independence," "Election Integrity" and "Persecuted Christians."

Prominent speakers included Church Militant's CEO Michael Voris, champion of election integrity Dr. Linda Lee Tarver and Michigan's conservative gubernatorial favorite, Ryan D. Kelley.

Ryan Kelley: "It is so important that, at this time in history, we shatter all of the lies, that we shatter all of the things that are destroying our society and we bring God back into the equation."

Without having a shared understanding of fundamental issues, one cannot build a larger strategy. Keeping this in mind, Church Militant's Michael Voris had a unique message to share.

Michael Voris: "Which religion is correct? Until that discussion is had, none of this will be solved and it will continue to spiral out of control."

As Pope St. John Paul II writes in his encyclical Ut Unum Sint, "If they wish truly and effectively to oppose the world's tendency to reduce to powerlessness the mystery of redemption, they must profess together the same truth about the Cross." 

Although multiple Christian denominations came together to bring witness to the calamities happening in society today, there was one message that rang louder than all the rest: We need unity in the Christian faith.

The event actually began in 2015 as a way for the elderly to pray for the unborn without having to face Michigan's harsh winters.

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