‘Universal Vaccination a Moral Imperative’

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by Phillipe Champlain  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 26, 2021   

Really, Cdl. Cupich?

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Cardinal Blase Cupich of Chicago recently published on the archdiocesan website his article couched as "good news." But is there really any "good news" for the abortion-tainted jabs that he pushes? He promotes the jab under the ruse of being a moral imperative. His article suffices for just another slick propaganda piece to advance the abortion-tainted vaccines for COVID-19. The article makes you wonder if Cupich is on the payroll for Big Pharma with how deftly he sells their latest hot product.

One flagrant lie inserted by Cupich in his promo reads:

In other words, deciding whether to get vaccinated is not only a choice about one's own health. The unvaccinated who contract the virus, whether or not they experience symptoms, commonly spread the disease, and every person who catches it and infects others adds to the likelihood of the virus mutating in more dangerous ways.

I, for one, would like to see some documentation that supports how the so-called "unvaccinated" are responsible for spreading COVID. For starters, what about all the unvaccinated people who have had COVID and are, therefore, immune to the virus? How can people who have such natural immunity be blamed for spreading the disease? As Biden likes to say, "Come on, man!" 

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Secondly, those individuals who've had COVID are past being infectious. They are no longer considered contagious and thereby cannot spread the disease. There is real science that supports this reality as compared to the B.S. Cupich uses to promote the jab. 

And should these people jettison their acquired natural immunity to COVID just for the sake of having their immune systems compromised by the abortion-tainted jab?

The ruse blaming the unvaccinated for virus mutation is not supported by fact. Viruses over time and in their various hosts, human and animal, mutate to survive. It's their nature. Viral diseases have been around since the fall of man and will continue to be with us until Christ's Second Coming. Why blame those individuals who do not want the jab for causing what a virus does by nature — mutating to survive? Since it first reared its ugly head two years ago, COVID-19, has mutated and will continue to do so. That's just what viruses do!

The ruse blaming the unvaccinated for virus mutation is not supported by fact.

What Cupich should be doing, instead of doing promotional pieces for Big Pharma, is leading his flock in prayer, praying that a new virus does not immediately rear its ugly head. Is not prayer supposed to be the cardinal's area of expertise anyway?

Cupich titled his short article, "Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine is a Moral Imperative." This begs the real question of how so? How is putting the jab — that's been developed with the use of a byproduct of an abortion — into your body, even in a minuscule way, any good?

Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas repeatedly over the past year has spoken out on this very topic and stated emphatically that he will not be jabbed: "I'm not going to take a vaccine that I believe is wrong."

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Another outspoken critic of the abortion-tainted jabs is the well-traveled Bp. Athanasius Schneider, who in a recent trip to the United States spoke about the evils of these so-called COVID vaccines. Bishop Schneider spoke out strongly about the moral connection of COVID vaccinations to the abortion industry and the fetal industry, which is growing daily from aborted babies — murdered children! He said it cannot be compared with other evils of society such as slavery. It is genocide of the unborn and must be protested.

Bp. Scheider and Bp. Strickland

The vaccines are tainted; they are a product of the fetal industry. Using them gives a sign from the Church that it is OK. We, the Church, are failing to protest in this historic moment.

Bishop Schneider sees the moral imperative for Catholics to refuse unilaterally all abortion-tainted vaccines. And over the last few months, he has become one of the foremost promoters in the Church of religious exemptions.

Cupich, in his propaganda piece, however, calls on the faithful to get the jab. He uses the ruse that because he's a cardinal of the Church, he knows what's best for the faithful spiritually. Okay, but two other well-respected bishops, Strickland and Schneider, have debunked that lie, affirming that getting the jab is not a spiritual good.

In the end, Cupich's promo for the jab falls flat. As a man who has no medical credentials of any sort, he has only his credentials of being a Church prelate to sell the jab, and those qualifications are questioned by most Catholics today.

Strickland and Schneider have debunked that lie, affirming that getting the jab is not a spiritual good.

What chutzpah for a marginal prelate to suggest that he knows what's medically and morally best for his flock when he has shown no good moral character whatsoever in the fight against abortion, euthanasia and so-called gay marriage! Individuals who demonstrate no recognition of moral imperatives should not be telling others to take the moral high ground on medical procedures. Moreover, as a prelate of the Church, Cupich should know better than to admonish people to get the jab, as his jurisdiction as a man of the cloth to the faithful in his care only extends to matters about faith and morals.

One of the world's foremost canon lawyers weighed in on Cupich's latest promotion for the jab in this statement to Church Militant:

A bishop's domain is in faith and morals, not medicine. Bishops risk incurring legal and canonical liability if they require that faithful subject to their care undergo the COVID-19 genetic injections. The have no power to force faithful to undergo medical experimentation. Canon 752 CIC does not include specific genetic injections.

I would say to Cdl. Cupich, "Keep to your expertise." But with his track record, even that is questionable. My prayer is that everyone who reads his latest last-ditch promo for the jab recognizes it for what it is, just propaganda.

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