Michigan Teen Awaits Transfer to Long-Term Care Facility

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by Martina Moyski  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  January 7, 2020   

Two procedures allow Titus Jermaine Cromer Jr. to live

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DETROIT (ChurchMilitant.com) - A judge has ordered Beaumont Health to keep a Michigan teenager declared brain dead to remain on life support, mandating that the hospital perform two medical procedures instead.

These procedures have prevented Beaumont Health from pulling the plug on Titus Jermaine Cromer Jr., a University of Detroit Jesuit High School student who has been in intensive care since October.

Michael Bsharah, a representative of a Dearborn public relations firm, told Church Militant that Cromer has undergone a tracheostomy and the insertion of percutaneous enteral feeding tubes, both of which readied Titus for transfer to a long-term facility.

Bsharah says that "conducting the procedures allows Titus to be transferred safely and in a medically sound condition."

Sixteen-year old Cromer was declared brain dead by health officials after he was hospitalized in October with a brain injury. For privacy purposes, the cause of his condition is not being released.

Following a lawsuit filed by Cromer's mother, LaShauna Lowry, a judge decided the teen should be moved to a long-term nursing facility, where he will begin rehabilitation. Attorney James B. Razor of Razor Law Firm in Royal Oak, Michigan represents Cromer's family.

Brain death was invented to get organs for transplantation.

This wasn't the first legal win for Lowry. In late October, a week after her son had been hospitalized, officials had planned on taking him off life support. However, an Oakland County judge granted in early November a restraining order to keep the teen alive.

While the hospital maintains that Cromer fits its definition of "brain dead," the teen's family has persisted in efforts that will allow Cromer to live.

Dr. Paul Bryne of Life Guardian Foundation told Church Militant on Monday that this move is "very positive."

In speaking to Church Militant earlier about Cromer's condition, Dr. Bryne explained, "Titus is a living person," adding, "What is called 'brain death' is not death; [the term] is placed on a patient with a beating heart, circulation and respiration. [Brain death] was invented to get organs for transplantation."

At that time, Dr. Byrne cited another medical professional, Dr. Doyen Nguyen, who also argues that brain death represents a medical term, not a medical reality:

Dr. Paul Bryne

The issue of "brain death" (BD) is like a horse beaten to death — it has been proven in the literature beyond the shadow of the doubt that BD is not death, namely that: (i) it is not death on the basis of medical evidence; (ii) it is not death on the basis of philosophical anthropology; and (iii) it is not death on the basis of contemporary holistic biophilosophy.

"Whichever way one looks at BD, it is not death. It is not death, tout court," Nguyen said summarily.

Bsharah told Church Militant that Cromer's mother is negotiating with more than one long-term care facility for Cromer's transfer while he remains in the Beaumont Health System.

Church Militant called Beaumont Health System Monday and was told it had no patient by that name at either the Royal Oak or Troy facilities.

Cromer's current situation represents the second time a legal battle over the life and death of a child is being waged between hospital bureaucrats and family members in recent months. The University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital pulled the plug on 14-year-old Bobby Reyes after he was deemed "brain dead" in spite of his mother's pleas for more time to find a facility that would care for Bobby. Life support was denied Bobby on Oct. 15, 2019.

Lowrey could not be reached for comment, but Bsharah said she is spending her time praying and administrating her son's transfer.

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