Uprooting Woke Educators

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by Nadia Bullock  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  December 23, 2021   

Parents ready for midterms

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In the last 21 months, thanks to the pandemic and extensive online learning, parents have awoken to school board shenanigans. Church Militant's Nadia Hazimeh shows how these revelations brought the midterm elections to the forefront of everyone's minds.

The win by Glenn Youngkin, who upheld parental rights over a woke school agenda during Virginia's gubernatorial race, is the result of "the same frustration that has been and continues to be felt by millions of families nationwide," according to House minority leader Kevin McCarthy (who spoke to the Epoch Times Tuesday).

Counties across the country have made national news for protests at their school boards over critical race theory, mask mandates and immoral literature. Two of the most notorious in Virginia include Loudoun and Fairfax.

Glenn Youngkin, governor elect of Virginia: "What parents want is to be listened to and to have a say in their child's education."

This frustration contributed to the state's highest voter turnout in recent history, about 55% of the commonwealth.

One Virginia mother, who used to think midterm elections were irrelevant, told the Epoch Times, "The most important thing that's come out of the last 20 months of hell ... is your local elections matter more than the presidential elections."

Kevin Baird, pastor: "It is simply common sense for teachers to be reminded that their job is that of education — and not indoctrination."

Another mother from Florida remarked, "Local representatives have pushed parents to the breaking point by forgetting that they work at the voters' discretion."

Governors and local officials across the country are recognizing this shift in voter priorities, and catering to it.

Gov. Pete Ricketts, Nebraska: "We have the freedom to pursue our religious freedom in teaching our kids. That's an important thing to remember because we need parents' involvement right now."

Some are calling school board elections "the most under-the-radar political experience in the country" — something not to sleep on. Additionally, 36 states will hold gubernatorial elections during the 2022 midterm.

Republicans are also looking to win over both chambers of Congress (House and Senate) to prevent any further woke legislation from passing under Biden.

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