Using Racism as a Weapon

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by Paul Murano  •  •  October 23, 2020   

Divided we fall

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For the Democratic Party and mainstream Marxist media, race is never far from their minds.

Short of a manufactured crisis like Russiagate, race is the go-to political weapon of choice for the progressive Left.

One main goal of Marxists is to divide people, and from there, make them dependent on government.

But since we live in a society where upward mobility is not only possible, but encouraged, Marxist-style class warfare doesn't work all that well in America. A largely well-off middle class ensures that.

However, given America's past — racial strife does.

This requires convincing minorities that:

  • They're miserable
  • The cause of their misery is racism promoted by whites
  • The Democratic Party will fix it all for them

The new buzz-term in the Left's arsenal of language manipulation is "systemic racism." It claims that systems, not people, are racist. To eradicate racism, you must tear down the system.

The short-term strategy has been to take over the culture-molding institutions of journalism, entertainment, education and government.

The long-term strategy is twofold — break down marriage and the family so more people are dependent on government, and cause enough racial animus to usher in a new age of socialism.

It's no coincidence Black Lives Matter is co-founded by self-proclaimed lesbians, who are trained Marxists, who seek to dismantle the black family.

Nonetheless, many black Americans have now come to realize they've been used as political pawns, and have decided to BLEXIT the Democratic Party.

They know the way to neutralize the weapon of race is to take on the shield of justice with the sword of truth.

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