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by Rodney Pelletier  •  •  November 13, 2020   

Pennsylvania postal workers told to dump Trump campaign mailings

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PHILADELPHIA ( - A postal employee is saying Trump's campaign mailers are being trashed in a Pennsylvania postal facility.

On Thursday, an unidentified letter carrier of the Elkins Park post office — a suburb of Philadelphia, revealed to Project Veritas, "The only political mail that will be delivered from now on will be that of the 'winner,' in this case, Joe Biden. Other political mail from other sources and senders would be put into the undeliverable bulk business mail bin."

He alleges USPS supervisor Walter Lee gave the order to 30 postal workers, saying "All political mail for Biden was to be continued to be treated as first-class and delivered the day it was received," and added "The only thing that's going to prevent a fraudulent election is people having the courage to come forward. I wouldn't want to say that I had the opportunity to do that and didn't do it."

Democrats, along with mainstream media and social media outlets, have been promoting Biden as the winner of the election despite several states not having their results in due to recounts and ongoing lawsuits. Despite being far ahead of Joe Biden on election night, the sudden vote-count stop in key battleground states froze Trump's lead while questionable late-night vote dumps and subsequent incoming votes seemed to put Biden ahead.

Richard Hopkins

More Postal Fraud: Ballot Backdating

It's not the first accusation of mail fraud in Pennsylvania. Last week, Erie postal worker Richard Hopkins came forward to Project Veritas, revealing he heard supervisors talking about backdating ballots arriving after Nov. 3 at a postal facility in Traverse City, Michigan.

Agents of the U.S. Postal Service's Office of Inspector General afterward attempted to coerce Hopkins to water down his testimony, and the Washington Post claimed he recanted his testimony. Hopkins went on record to say the Washington Post "fabricated" the claim.

According to Hopkins, ballots arriving after Nov. 3 were to be separated and given to supervisors who would manually stamp the ballots as being received on Nov. 3.

The only political mail that will be delivered from now on will be that of the 'winner,' in this case, Joe Biden.

Michigan law directs that ballots "be received by the election clerk before the close of the polls on Election Day," which is 8 p.m. in Michigan.

The Michigan whistleblower also revealed that he spoke to a postal worker in another district who was directed to do the same thing.

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