Vaccine Holocaust

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by Trey Blanton  •  •  March 3, 2021   

Doctor counters propaganda

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An independent expert on infectious and tropical diseases is calling out COVID misinformation released by the Israeli Ministry of Health.

Dr. Hervé Seligmann says deaths after receiving the Pfizer vaccine — the only one available in Israel — are higher than if vaccination had not been done at all.

Seligmann analyzed data released by the Israeli government and promoted in a popular publication. He found the elderly were 40 times more likely to die after taking the vaccine than with COVID itself. Also, among those under age 65, they were 260 times more likely to die.

Seligmann notes the data has been either misunderstood or willfully misrepresented by other publications. The doctor further elaborates that numbers released by the government were changed to make the vaccine appear less harmful. Seligmann equates the vaccine push to a holocaust, saying the intention is to enrich Pfizer and promote government control with a COVID passport.

In America, local news reported on a doctor who died after taking the vaccine, saying: 

A Facebook post by Michael's wife describes him as very healthy. She says three days after getting the shot he noticed severe broken blood vessels on his feet and hands, prompting him to go to the emergency room. ... After two weeks of treatment, he got a hemorrhagic stroke caused by the lack of platelets which took his life in a matter of minutes.

Vaccines aren't the only concerning science out of Israel. A second stillborn child's death has been attributed to COVID. Dr. Tal Brosh suggests, "The fetus was infected through the placenta, and with a very high degree of certainty, [we can say] died due to coronavirus."

Common medical advisers suggest otherwise, noting there is no definite evidence that unborn children can be infected by an airborne virus such as COVID.

One American doctor provides context on COVID deaths, saying, "Most people who die of COVID is [sic] primarily a lung problem — either related to inflammation with ARDS and/or blood clots."

Other doctors have been censored by social media for calling out what they see as disinformation regarding COVID. Many believe globalists around the world are intentionally taking advantage of the communist virus to consolidate power through debilitating lockdowns and fear.

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