Vaccine Mandate Lunacy

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by Phillipe Champlain  •  •  August 24, 2021   

Reprehensible, ungodly and un-American

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Just this week, the archdiocese of Chicago, under the direction of leftist cardinal Blase Cupich (in lockstep with other far-left leaders), put out a tyrannical vaccination policy mandating each and every employee of the archdiocese of Chicago, both lay and cleric, take the COVID-19 gene therapy jab.

As can be expected, many of these archdiocesan employees are bucking Cupich's order and are refusing to take this unproven gene therapy.

One Chicago archdiocesan employee stated to ChurchMilitant anonymously:

If I am going to be forced to get the jab to work at the Church, then I am out of here! I work at the Church because I love my Faith and the Church, not for the money, which is pitiful. This manhandling of the archdiocesan employees by Cdl. Cupich is reprehensible and tyrannical.  What happened to the respect of the civil rights of individuals to refuse a medical procedure? This cardinal has to go!

Not all bishops in the United States are as tyrannical as Cupich. On Aug. 6, the bishops of Colorado released a letter calling for the respect of all those individuals with conscientious objections to the COVID-19 vaccines. They even wrote a template for seeking exemptions to vax requirements.

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Additionally, Fr. James Altman — over the last year made famous for his orthodoxy to the true Faith of the Church — weighed in against forced COVID-19 mandates:

Every man and woman, made in the image and likeness of the Almighty, has every right on God's green earth to determine what type of medical procedure to receive or not to receive! How absolutely ludicrous for all these individuals, politicians and churchmen to push a witches' brew of a vaccine — most of which are manufactured through use of stem cells from the aborted! What is most reprehensible about all these vaccine mandates coming out is how so many of our bishops, like Cdl. Blase Cupich, push the reception of the jab! And he does this as if receiving this jab is some sort of a moral good! What rot! Taking the jab is not in any way whatsoever a moral good.


Cdl. Blase Cupich receiving the vaccine

(Photo: Anthony Vazquez/Sun-Times)

What is a moral good is each and every individual safeguarding their personal health and the health of their family. This is a good that Sacred Scripture and our Sacred Tradition mandates. In our world today, you have many who presume they have every right to take the life of their unborn child from within the womb, and yet these same morons say: "No person has the individual right to refuse the COVID vaccine!" I hate to tell you morons, but you can't have it both ways. The truth is the child within the womb at conception is a separate unique person made in the image and likeness of God, and no individual, not even the mother, has the right to kill this unique person!

Additionally, every person has the right to control what medical procedures are, or are not done to their person. For all invasive medical procedures from time immemorial, a person has had the right to sign for or against the procedure. Why now is this practice being jettisoned, as if a person has no right to waive this novel, new immune therapy that has not been proven effective by either time or extensive trials? Mandated COVID vaccines are neither a moral good nor legitimate from a medical perspective.

Time will prove, one way or another, how effective this great experiment of forcing millions of the world's inhabitants to take the jab was! And God will ultimately judge all those involved, at all levels and in all capacities. I, as one man, pray when I am judged that God will remember how I spoke out against this great experiment being conducted on the human race, being reshaped now not by the hand of the Almighty, but by some mad men in dark labs! You can see their evil plotting in the back of your mind's eye: "Let's just see what happens when we mandate gene therapy for all people on earth!"

Lunacy is lunacy. What happened to the brains of our leaders, both in the world and in the Church? What motivates them to force as many people as possible to get the jab? I wonder, is there a gene therapy to prevent such a terrible idea? Time proves everything, like Fr. Altman said. Let's all pray that we can resist all this lunacy while we still have a chance.

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