‘Vaccine Shaming’ Blitz Targets Minorities

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by Jules Gomes  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 12, 2021   

Racist hounding by UK media, governments, scientists, church leaders

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LONDON, England (ChurchMilitant.com) - Vaccine zealots in Britain are systematically targeting ethnic minorities in a "vaccine shaming" blitzkrieg through a relentless barrage of "racial stereotyping" propaganda spouted by media, government, scientists and church leaders.

Black anti-forced-vaccine protestor in London

Co-opting community leaders, celebrities, doctors and religious leaders from Black and Ethnic Minorities (BAME), the government is bombarding non-white communities with what it sees as "culturally competent messaging that is constant and coming from the top down."

But minorities feel scapegoated as the "racial profiling" pigeonholes them as ignorant, skeptical of science, religiously regressive, incapable of independent thinking and responsible for infecting the majority who readily take the jab, Church Militant has learned.

Surveys confirmed by statistics published Tuesday claim that "vaccine hesitancy" is highest among black communities, with 72% stating they were "unlikely/very unlikely to be vaccinated" followed by Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims as the next most hesitant ethnic group with 42% unlikely/very unlikely to be vaccinated. Mixed-race people are three times less likely to have the jab.

Fear & Shame: Propagandist Tools

"Blaming and shaming ethnic minorities for lagging behind in getting their jabs appears to be the latest narrative emerging in the British press," Muslim psychologist Kate Godfrey-Fausset told Church Militant. "It is well known that fear and shame are the two emotions used by propagandists to get people to comply to whatever demands they need meeting."

Mainstream media reports on this are blatantly racist in their implication that these minorities, who are often religious, are scientifically illiterate and stupid.

Doctor Godfrey-Fausset, a well-known campaigner against State-enforced LGBT+ indoctrination in U.K. schools warned that "such propaganda further waters the seeds in the minds of others that those from ethnic minorities are to blame for infecting 'the rest of us.'"

The expert in dialectical behavior therapy told Church Militant that ethnic minorities should instead be commended for thinking for themselves:

Rather than ignorant unthinking "plague rats," maybe those who aren't signing up in military precision to be vaxxed are questioning the safety or effectiveness of these rushed-through mRNA jabs. Maybe those from ethnic communities have not bought in as quickly to Big Pharma, preferring instead to take responsibility for their own health via natural remedies and so forth.

Professor Martin Marshall, chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners, advised in December that "public health messaging around the COVID-19 vaccine must be tailored to ensure good uptake among black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) patients."

Rob Smith, Iraq veteran and speaker for Turning Point USA, mocks
Gov. Andrew Cuomo's use of a rap video to get black people to take the jab

Church leaders are supporting the "unconscious bias" against BAME Christians with evangelical leader John Stevens echoing the government narrative that vaccine hesitancy among blacks can be attributed to "a general distrust of government and Pentecostal approaches to faith, which prefer to look to God rather than seeking medical intervention."

Stevens, a lockdown supporter and vaccine zealot who believes that the minority "challenge is compounded by misinformation and conspiracy theories on-line," is relieved "to see faith leaders encouraging their community to take up the COVID vaccine and counter[ing] myths, conspiracy theories and fake news about it."   

Unconscious Bias or Overt Racism?

Speaking to Church Militant, Jewish anthropologist Karen Harradine noted how "Leftists drone on about unconscious bias but are strangely silent when a real case of unconscious bias is happening."

Members of African and Asian diaspora communities don't want what they perceive as an unnecessary and potentially harmful medical intervention.

"Is this because ethnic minorities tend to be more religious and religion is an anathema to the socialist-loving Left? Or blatant racism? I suspect both," noted Harradine, a columnist for The Conservative Woman.

Jewish anthropologist and columnist Karen Harradine

Harradine described how the mainstream media engaged in a "shaming exercise of religious Jews" and London's "racist" police were very quick to dog whistle to anti-Semites by exaggerating the number of attendees at an "illegal" Charedi wedding in Stamford Hill.

Harradine elaborated:

Ethnic minorities are being shamed for their reluctance to take up unproven and untested COVID-19 vaccines. Mainstream media reports on this are blatantly racist in their implication that these minorities, who are often religious, are scientifically illiterate and stupid. It's religion-shaming and racism wrapped up in one nasty attempt to silence any dissent from the narrative.

The media is spotlighting the Muslim-dominated county of Lancashire to praise white people taking the experimental jab and shame Asians who are rejecting it.

On the second day of the rollout after eight hours at Blackburn Cathedral — which has turned into a center for COVID shots — only five of the 250 people taking the jab were of South Asian heritage, and all were elderly ladies brought by a younger family member. It was a similar sight of predominately white faces the next day, jab propagandist Daily Mail reports.

Pressure Techniques

Governmental jab promoter Nadhim Zahawi is repeatedly warning that if BAME people shy away from the shot, the virus will "quickly infect" their communities and spread to others.   

It's religion-shaming and racism wrapped up in one nasty attempt to silence any dissent from the narrative.

In comments to Church Militant, mayoral candidate and London Assembly member David Kurten expressed deep concern that "the latest language and pressure techniques fabricated by behavioral psychologists is being used to try to shame and disgrace people, many of whom are from ethnic minorities."

Such dissenters are being "smeared as 'anti-vaxxers,' 'conspiracy theorists' and 'COVID deniers' — an appalling use of language that equates people exercising free choice over their bodies with Nazi-supporting holocaust deniers," Kurten lamented.

David Kurten outside the London Assembly building

"Instead of shaming people who choose to trust their own immune systems and avoid potentially hazardous experimental injections," Kurten, a committed Christian, urged, "the government should end the lockdown and stop destroying our civil liberties, businesses, mental health and education — actions which have done far more damage than anyone they smear as a 'COVID denier.'"

Last week, Kurten was heckled by his London Assembly colleagues for asking governmental jab promoter Zahawi a question about the safety of the COVID-19 shot.   

Meanwhile, the media is shaming "vaccine hesitancy" among ethnic minorities who make up a significant proportion of Britain's state-funded National Health Service (NHS). Media is singling out for refusing to take the jab thousands of Catholic Filipino staff, whose turnout for the shot was the lowest at the prestigious Guy's and St. Thomas' Hospital.  

Royal Shrewsbury Hospital's Dr. Michael Dawes said he was shocked when nurses tell people not to take the jab.

"What really got me is when I told one black nurse it was time to get the vaccine and she said, 'No, my pastor said no.' Many people from the black community are against the vaccine because of what they’ve heard in church or seen on WhatsApp," Dawes observed.

Niall McCrae, an authority in nursing and mental health, told Church Militant that "members of African and Asian diaspora communities don't want what they perceive as an unnecessary and potentially harmful medical intervention. They are also wary of how the vaccine regime could be used for surveillance."

"The government is very worried about so-called vaccine hesitancy in BAME communities. This is being tacitly attributed to ignorance and religious fundamentalism. Clearly there is distrust among urban blacks and Asians, and this will not be ameliorated by paternalistic and scientifically dubious messaging," Dr. McCrae stressed.

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