Vatican Ends Investigation of LCWR

by Christine Niles  •  •  April 17, 2015   

The Vatican has ended its crackdown on a group of dissident nuns

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In an unexpected move, the Vatican has ended its crackdown on a group of dissident nuns.

The Vatican undertook its investigation of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious in 2012, citing the “grave doctrinal crisis” present in the group.

The Vatican announced Thursday it had accepted the final report on the investigation, stating the “implementation of the mandate has been accomplished.” The tone of the report is more conciliatory than the original report, which had expressed serious concerns about the nuns' fidelity to Church teaching.

Although no serious overhaul of the group is mandated, the Vatican did state that steps will be taken to safeguard the theological integrity of the group’s programs, and that the nuns would have to ensure a “sound doctrinal foundation” for any of its publications.


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