Victory for Christian Artists in Arizona

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by David Nussman  •  •  September 18, 2019   

Christian business can opt out of pro-gay messaging

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A Christian business in Arizona can now opt out of same-sex "weddings" without being punished — that ruling from the state's Supreme Court this past Monday. 

In a 4-3 decision, the court ruled that Brush and Nib Studio — an art and calligraphy company in Phoenix — has the right to refuse to make handmade wedding invitations for a same-sex couple.

The owners filed a complaint in 2016 against a law they say requires Christian business owners to violate their deeply held religious beliefs by forcing them to promote gay marriage.

In a victory for religious freedom, the court ruled forcing them to do so would violate freedom of speech and freedom of religion. 

Justice Andrew Gould stated, "The rights of free speech and free exercise, so precious to this nation since its founding, are not limited to soft murmurings behind the doors of a person's home or church, or private conversations with like-minded friends and family."

He reasoned that Brush and Nib being forced to write messages celebrating same-sex wedding ceremonies violated their freedom of expression.

Kate Gallego, Democratic mayor of Phoenix, said the ruling was neither a loss nor a victory for the city.

She argued that freedom of religion should never mean what she called a right to discriminate.

Other Christian businesses around the country are facing similar legal battles, forced by local government to promote homosexuality.

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