Vienna Introduces Gay-Themed Traffic Lights

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by Church Militant  •  •  May 12, 2015   

"Traffic Light Equality"

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VIENNA, May 12, 2015 ( – Hooray! Vienna traffic lights have gone gay, because “the love that dare not speak its name” now seems to be the love that just can't shut up. 

The gay-themed traffic lights, which show either a lesbian or gay couple holding hands alongside pulsating hearts, were implemented in the Austrian capital city in preparation for the annual Eurovision Song Contest, one of the world's most popular kitsch cultural events, according to Reuters

Other than just appealing to political correctness, city officials also state they implemented the traffic lights to actually improve safety, saying the out-of-the-ordinary nature of the lights will cause people to actually pay more attention when walking. Once the campaign finishes, city officials will collate data to see if traffic safety actually improved for citizens. Improved morality and family structure won't be on that list.

The 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 23 and will serve home to about 40 countries taking part in the festivities. This will be its 60th anniversary. 

On May 16, Vienna will also serve host to a “Life Ball” charity event to raise money for HIV and AIDS. Hollywood actress Charlize Theron and French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier will be in attendance.

According to The Washington Post, this new campaign for “Traffic Light Equality” has been well underway in Europe since last year, having gotten started in the western German city of Dortmund when controversy erupted over a supposed “preponderance of male figures in traffic lights.” The problem came to a resolution when “politicians of the Green and Social Democratic parties urged the municipality to pursue gender equality among their traffic lights.” Examples below:


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