Viganò Slams Gregory

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by David Nussman  •  •  June 5, 2020   

Says Washington archdiocese 'wounded by false shepherds'

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Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò says the nation's capital is plagued by false shepherds.

In a June 3 letter to priests and laity of the D.C. archdiocese, he wrote, "Over the past 20 years, your [archdiocese] of Washington ... has been and continues to be deeply afflicted and wounded by false shepherds, whose way of life is full of lies, deceits, lust and corruption."

Theodore McCarrick, a serial homosexual predator and now-laicized ex-cardinal, was archbishop of Washington from 2001–2006.

After him was Cdl. Donald Wuerl, who supported giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians — despite canon law deeming this a sacrilege and scandal.

Wuerl resigned in disgrace in 2018, amid allegations of covering up clerical sex abuse, as well as lying about what he knew about McCarrick.

Archbishop Wilton Gregory of Atlanta was appointed Wuerl's successor last year.

Earlier this week, Gregory condemned President Donald Trump for visiting a Catholic shrine.

Gregory became notorious in Atlanta for supporting LGBT messaging and was accused of being an active homosexual by the late Richard Sipe, who did extensive research into clerical sex abuse scandals.

Years ago, Gregory worked closely with McCarrick as president of the U.S. bishops' conference. When McCarrick resigned as cardinal in 2018, Gregory had this to say: "I am hurt because my respect and fraternal esteem for Theodore McCarrick were clearly misplaced."

Archbishop Viganò had to flee for his life in 2018 after blowing the whistle on Pope Francis’ coverup of McCarrick. He remains in hiding to this day.

Previously, Viganò was papal nuncio to the United States and lived in D.C. for over four years, giving him credibility as an insider.

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