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by Samuel McCarthy  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 21, 2023   

Theologians call for combat against secular globalism

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BILBAO, Spain (ChurchMilitant.com) - Conservative Catholics are speaking out against secularism and globalism at a conference in Spain.

Cdl. Gerhard Müller

At an annual conference organized by the Association of Catholic Propagandists, Cdl. Gerhard Müller, the former prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, recently called out the radical "gender ideology" being imposed on Christian nations by secular globalists.

"Our body is part of our identity," Müller explained. "Man is created in the unity of the spirit, the soul, the body. God has created man and woman in his image. This is the reality."

He argued that the promotion of gender ideology is "the beginning of a dictatorship," especially noting the role of the globalist European Union and secular state leaders in forcing this dictatorship on once-Christian Europe. Speaking of leftist politicians, the German prelate declared, "I don't need these people. Little philosophical qualification. People who have never read Aristotle want to say what Cardinal Müller can or cannot say."

News Report: Globalist Education

Müller added that although leftist ideologues across Europe are pushing the transsexual agenda, "the government of Spain is worse." Last month, Spain's socialist government approved a radical new law allowing minors to legally change their gender with no psychological supervision, treatment or diagnosis. Another law, passed the same day, allows minors to obtain abortions without parental consent or notification.

'Take the Gospel to All Creation'

Another speaker at the conference was Dominican theologian Fr. Nelson Medina, who addressed how Catholics should respond to the threat of globalism.

Fr. Nelson Medina

The priest first differentiated between what he called "secular globalism" and the "global, even cosmic" Christian faith, noting that secular globalism seeks to impose itself on the world, whereas in Christianity, "Jesus calls us to take the Gospel to all Creation."

Medina explained how secular globalism has come to exist. The first step, he said, was denigrating national identity: "They want you to be ashamed of being what you are — Spanish, for example — so that you accept the promise of coming to exist at a higher level — such as the EU."

The second step was a broadening and diluting of what it means to be religious, diminishing faith to merely being a nice person. "This consists," the priest explained, "of reducing religion to just being a bit of a good person, tolerant and getting along with everyone ... but when you banish yourself from your religion you lose the capacity for conviction."

In order for the globalist agenda to emerge, Medina pointed out, humanity must be perpetually bombarded with momentary, unfulfilling pleasures — like pornography. Finally, he said, the stage is set for globalist takeover when humanity embraces a warped vision of freedom: "It's the idea that you make yourself and you don't owe society anything beyond consensus." The priest added that the current transsexual crisis, which he referred to as "Lego anthropology," is the perfect example of this.

Medina then laid out the four identifying characteristics of the secular globalist methodology. The first is nations copying one another's laws, forming a sort of artificial legislative homogeny. "Countries rush to copy the same laws from each other," the priest noted. The second characteristic, he explained, is affiliating globalist political agendas (such as abortion or homosexuality) with human rights, "and whoever wants to oppose automatically remains as the bad guy, disqualified from the start." The third characteristic is domination through language: "The impositions of language are always impositions of thought. Whoever wants to force you to speak, wants to force you to think." This is easily demonstrable in leftist terminology surrounding abortion, with child-murder chambers being called "clinics." The fourth characteristic, according to Medina, is cancel culture.

Whoever wants to force you to speak, wants to force you to think.

The Dominican warned Catholics against trying to understand the evils of globalism without ever fighting against them, or falling into apathy or a false sense of security, believing time will heal all such evils. In fact, Medina argued that the evils will only grow worse with time. He pointed out, "We have seen in recent years that they always go beyond the limits we imagined."

Finally, Medina offered a litany of ways Catholics should resist secular globalism and proclaim the gospel: "to be informed ... to return to a healthy spirituality of the militancy, to deeply understand the Christian life as a noble combat ... to renew family, community and parish catechesis."

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