WashPo’s Deranged Rant Against Cdl. Raymond Burke

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by Rodney Pelletier  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  February 10, 2017   

Calls on Pope Francis to fight Vatican conservatism that "wants to reassert white Christian dominance"

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An opinion column in the Washington Post is denouncing Cdl. Raymond Burke as a "rebel prince," claiming he is part of the "far-right rot" in the Catholic Church.

Emma-Kate Symons' unhinged, invective-filled rant calls for Pope Francis "to take tougher action against the United States' most influential Catholic in Rome, Cdl. Raymond 'Breitbart' Burke."

She calls Burke a "renegade cleric," accusing him of "undermining [Pope] Francis' reformist, compassionate papacy and gospel teaching as it applies to refugees and Muslims."

She further slams the cardinal, alleging, "But the virulently anti-Islam, migrant-phobic, Donald Trump-defending, Vladimir Putin-excusing Burke is unrepentant and even defiant, continuing to preside over a far-right, neo-fascist-normalizing cheer squad out of the Holy See."

Symons goes on to maintain that Burke, Steve Bannon and others they associate with — like France's Marion Le Pen — are resurrecting a nationalism that, she says, led to the "ethnic nationalism" and fascism that allowed Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler to achieve power in the 1930s.

She doesn't stop there. She also plays the tired and worn anti-Semitic card, writing, "The bellicose anti-Islam invective being marshaled by figures such as Burke shares much in common with the vicious anti-Semitism many Catholic clerics adhered to in the 1930s, when they saw Jews as a danger to the Christian West whose rights must be restricted."

Symons finishes by suggesting Pope Francis remove Burke from any association with the Knights of Malta and send him back to the United States. She further suggests the Holy Father should "write an encyclical on the burning questions of populism and nationalism, with specific reference to migrants, Muslims and Jews ... so priests including Burke know they are in breach of Church teaching when they try to act as power brokers for the international extreme right."

In a perfect example of cognitive dissonance, she doesn't see the contradiction when she notes Burke can't be excommunicated since he "is not a heretic denying the Catholic faith," and adds that he is not "refusing to submit to the pontiff."


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