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by Aidan O'Connor  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 5, 2022   

Truckers to converge in DC

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Mask mandates are beginning to lift across the United States as thousands of Americans are descending on the nation's capital to protest Joe Biden's COVID tyranny. 

Church Militant's Aidan O'Connor gives an update on America's fast-growing trucker convoys.

American truckers are gaining speed and support as they head toward Washington, D.C. Numerous convoys have set out from across the states, aiming to protest unelected president Biden's tyrannical health mandates.

One of the largest groups, the People's Convoy, includes over 10,000 vehicles and is reportedly some 70 miles long.

Missouri woman: "This took a lot of cost, a lot of time, for them to do this, and they're doing it for all of us." 

The group tripled in size this week after merging with six other convoys. Launched from California, the People's Convoy has traveled over a week and is set to arrive in the D.C. beltway tomorrow.

Fearing the incoming peaceful protestors, police reconstructed a fence around the Capitol before sham-Catholic Biden's State of the Union address Tuesday. 

President Joe Biden: "We'll never give up on vaccinating more Americans. Go get him!"

Biden also readied National Guard troops ahead of the rolling truckers. Facebook already banned the accounts of certain convoys with thousands of supporters. The U.S. truckers are inspired by the Canadian Freedom Convoy that recently protested overreaching mandates up north.

Canadian police cracked down on the rallies — using force to arrest and disperse protestors. Supporters hope America's People's Convoy doesn't meet a similar fate while assembling at the Capitol under Biden's rule. 

The People's Convoy has raised well over a million dollars so far, but mainstream media are completely ignoring the massive freedom movement. 

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