What Are People Saying About ChurchMilitant.com’s Election Coverage?

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by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  October 8, 2016   

"This type of reporting fills a desperately needed niche"

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"Thank you. The first time in my life there is an authentic Catholic voice available to me during an election." -Robert Casko

"This had to be the most informative and honest coverage of a debate I have seen in years! Will share with everyone in my circle! Awesome, awesome job, ChurchMilitant! God bless!" -Jennie Stanbro

"Thank you for doing this live show. Great job. Makes us feel that we're not alone!" -Marianna Todd Casko

"Beyond all the rest of your excellent and worthy content, this type of reporting fills a desperately needed niche. Michael, CM, you're the only ones out there doing this; don't stop." -Jack

"CM has the best discussion and analysis of issues anywhere." -CollisDei

"Just wanting to say — great work for all of you guys at Church Militant; love Michael Voris and his passionate expression in defending the Catholic faith!" -Anne

"I first want to thank you folks — all of you — for the hard work and over-the-top analyses of the vice presidential debate." -Jeffrey T. Galeski

"Your spontaneity and passion and conversational style of interaction are appealing and engaging and don't in any way compromise the impression of how well-informed you are. Please keep it up." -Zacchaeus

"You asked for a response from your supporters to help with the coverage. I give it A+ because: My family member came over just a little while ago and I asked her if she watched the debate. She said, 'We can't stand to watch Kaine and his lies so we watched National Geographic.' I responded that the ONLY way I can watch the debate is because Church Militant is covering it and gives me a sense of support and a Catholic view which allows me to be able to stomach the whole biased debacle. So, thank you for your fervor and support Church Militant!" -Renee Kollars

"This was good; the truth was said, you guys did a good job in bringing the truth. God bless you all. Wish there was more like you guys; don't ever stop telling it like it is. Here in Canada praying for America." -Martine Bourgoin



"The analysis was way better than the debate! You guys rock! I love the enthusiasm in particular from your Catholic perspective." -Andy

"Thank you for the great discussion!" -Lucy

"I watched post commentary. Great points and Catholic perspective." -Gertrude Herring

"Excellent coverage!!!! ... You all are spot on!!!! God bless you all!" -N.M. Wooden

"Awesome coverage." -Holly Harrington

"Thank You, Michael and team, for all your efforts and input!" -Ana Di Chito

"Excellent!! Thanks so much for breaking down the debate for us. I'm so glad you are doing this for all the debates." -Liz231

"Watched you live last night and had to see it again today. GREAT JOB! Wish you had been doing this for years with previous debates! Can't wait for Sunday's debate [and] CM's coverage of it! God bless you all!" -Julie 

"Excellent analysis, as always." -Tom P. 

"Very good — maybe you should ask EWTN and CNA if they want to use you for election coverage (just kiddin')." -Hibernian Faithful

"Congratulations guys! Awesome coverage! Keep it up!" -Leonel Di Camillo

"Love what you are doing!! Enjoyed the analysis." -Karen Thome

"Brilliant analysts!" -Ann Marie Porro-Suter 

"I want ... no, I NEED to have CM input, during all the next debates. I love, and will be praying, for all of you there." -Nick Burleigh

"Excellent job." -Gregory Frances

"Great job very helpful discussion. God bless all." -Jennifer Lynn Durkin

"Great analysis. Not even bothering with the cable networks." -Diane Rondo Fanelli

"Better x 1,000,000 than Fox and the rest of the media." -Steve Di Santi

"Thank you guys at Church Militant! Intelligent comments, great insight about last night's vice presidential debate. Really puts things into better perspective for us Catholics." -Lilia H. Barriga 

"You guys are awesome!" -Annette Alrand

"Don't forget we need a 24/7 Catholic news network!" -Jon Johnson

Thank you for your coverage. It was awesome!!!" -Liz Sharpe 

"Thanks, CM. GREAT post-debate coverage." -Michael Francis Lessens

"Michael Voris, great Job tonight to you and, more importantly, all the people who worked behind the scenes to pull this off at Church Militant!!!!" -Clement Sixtus James

"Great pre- and post-observations and recap, y'all!" -Jean Ann Colon

"Loved it keep up the great work!" -Joe Z.

"Brilliant stuff!" -Asinello

"We enjoyed your coverage, thank you!!!" -Alenda Michael

"Excellent! Great coverage!" -Joana E. Livoti

"Thank you for all of your coverage. You're doing a great job!" -Selena Borden

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