What Bishops Have Wrought

by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 1, 2015   

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What happened in Washington, D.C. last week at the Supreme Court happened for one reason and one reason only: because the U.S. hierarchy allowed it to happen. The U.S. bishops — past and present — must step up and own this disaster.

It was the past generation and present generation of so-called leaders who led the faithful right over the cliff by allowing the homosexual sub-culture — which is more of a dominant culture than a subculture — to flourish in the Church for decades.

The society turned gay, first culturally and then legally, but not before the Church in Her leadership had already blazed the trail. The culture turned gay because the clergy turned gay first.

Many bishops and loads of priests have known for years about the dominance of the so-called gay mafia in the Church. Even Pope Francis acknowledged it soon after his election.

We have the well-known case of Rembert Weakland, archbishop of Milwaukee, who was blackmailed by his gay lover for half a million dollars and was eventually outed by him anyway. Or Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago under whose tenure homosexual clergy ran wild in the Windy City — and still do. He even had the Chicago Gay Men's Chorus sing at his wake. Then there are scads of other bishops who allow or instituted gay Masses, gay clubs, gay social groups all over their dioceses, all in the name of "compassion" and "mercy."

In truth, it is because many of them either are gay themselves, support the gay agenda or are friendly to the cause for various reasons. Bishop after bishop has turned a blind eye to recruiting of active homosexual men into seminaries, like happened in the archdiocese of Miami under Archbishop John Favalora.

Gay priests have populated parishes and seminaries and houses of formation now for decades, and the U.S. hierarchy has done nothing — unless a lawsuit was involved when every now and then one of the loads of ordained homosexuals went too far and raped an altar boy.

Even to this day, multiple dioceses and archdioceses still have gay Masses said by gay-friendly priests exclusively for a gay congregation. This is beyond scandalous. The people who attend these Masses don't accept the Church's teachings. They scoff at them, ignore them and work to blunt them.

But beyond the scandal is the even larger reality that these same priests are set loose on faithful, unsuspecting Catholics in parishes all over the place (when they aren't catering to their homosexual fan boys or attending gay bars). They preach error from the pulpits or in many cases such confusing ambiguous homilies that it would be better if they said nothing at all. They wreak havoc on souls in confession, telling them sin is not sin, and counsel them in lies and deceptions which destroy their faith.

They have for years now, at every opportunity, been preparing Catholics to accept homosexuality as something to be welcomed and the sin of it to be dismissed. This was on plain display at the Synod in Rome last year. It is no accident that of all the religious groups in America, poll after poll shows Catholics lead the way in supporting gay marriage.

Of course they do. They have a disproportionately large number of clergy who are active homosexuals corrupting the Faith of laity. Those who aren't active still participate in the despoiling of souls by their silence, and they will all be held to account by Almighty God for their sins, which cry to Heaven for revenge.

Make no mistake — what happened on that Black Friday last week at the Supreme Court has the fingerprints of Catholic clergy all over it — which is why Catholics must do an end run around this evil emanating from so many corrupt or indifferent chanceries and their staffs.

Catholics have been lied to and been betrayed by many of their shepherds, and the time has come to openly declare it and do something about it. The glories of the Faith have been denied or pushed aside for too long now, and it is time for Catholics to turn to faithful sources for the Faith that re-echo the Magisterium and the tradition of the Faith — not listen to gay destroyers of the Faith and their henchmen inside the Church.

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Where a faithful priest or bishop speaks, he must be followed and encouraged — but too many leaders have given themselves over to the diabolical and speak in confusing, uncertain, unclear terms. Better for them that a great millstone be tied around their neck and they be cast into the sea. Even among bishops and even cardinals you hear this type of talk: that too many of their fellow brother bishops have betrayed the Faith and are leading souls to Hell.

So we ask you to consider becoming a premium member and learn from at least one source 100 percent faithful to the Magisterium. All you have to do is just click on the link.

That disaster in Washington, D.C. last week was brought about after decades of Catholics being softened up and taken out of the game, sidelined and removed as soldiers for the Church Militant by sodomite clergy. No faithful Catholic can sit back and tolerate these horrors any longer.

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Homosexual priests and bishops — just like St. Peter Damien in Rome had to deal with them — must be confronted and their errors and evil be pushed back against and exposed. They are wrecking the Church, and this is destroying the culture because only the Church can effectively fight evil.

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