What Happened to Shame?

by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  September 4, 2018   

Chicago priest says it's time to boycott the Wuerls and the Cupichs of the Church

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By Fr. Paul Kalchik

Recently on the news was a clip of Cdl. Donald Wuerl saying a Sunday Mass at Annunciation Parish in the Washington, D.C. archdiocese, accompanied by a sizable group of bodyguard priests. The cardinal during his homily was shouted at by one man: "Shame on you!"

Lamentably, I don't think that Cdl. Wuerl has the capacity for shame or remorse. Judas, in the aftermath of betraying Jesus, as the gospels attest, showed shame and remorse and exited out as an Apostle quietly. Cardinal Wuerl, on the other hand, accompanied by a group of sycophantic bodyguard priests, went through the motions of saying Sunday Mass, without tears, without wearing vestments of penitence and without showing any emotion — how off and how psychotic.

Since Abp. Carlo Maria Viganò's letter to the Roman See of last week, one would hope that Cdl. Wuerl and all the other complicit priests, bishops, cardinals and such would see the writing on the wall and exit left, graciously.

Here I refer to what Daniel the Prophet revealed to the Babylonian King when asked to interpret the words written by the hand of a ghost on the wall: “MENE God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it; TEKEL You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting; PERES Your Kingdom has been divided and given to others" (Daniel 5:1–29).

A few days ago, I never would have imagined individuals taking up a lower place in Hell than Judas, but Judas showed remorse, shame; these men show no shame — zip, nada, rien.

In psychological terms, these individuals are psychopaths and should not be in any position of governance whatsoever, neither in civil society nor the Church. However, we are cursed with these men in leadership positions today and, unlike Judas, they cling to what little power they have left and surround themselves with sycophants, like offal gathers flies. How do we end this immediately? By voting with our feet.

If, God forbid, a character like Wuerl shows up to say Mass at your Church, walk out. And take a cue from the holy men and women who shouted, "shame on you" this past Sunday and call the charlatan to task for his actions! And take for your inspiration in your holy disobedience the Old Testament Prophet Daniel, who never sucked up to attain human adulation or political acclaim; he said and did what was right, regardless of how politically correct it was or was not.

The unrepentant will find themselves in Hell, and as I have come to believe, there are places lower in Hell than the one which Judas occupies.

So let's, as the Body of Christ, get moving, let's totally boycott the Wuerls and the Cupichs of the Church and their like! There are many good priests and good parishes around our country and around the world to go to receive the sacraments; there is no need to fulfill your Sunday obligation by going to a Mass with one of the yahoos officiating.

Lastly, governance is and always has been sanctioned by God's hand, as underscored in bold letters in the Book of Daniel. Let us today, with our feet, restore right governance to the Church, and do so knowing that this vote will make a difference, for the right restoration of the Church, but also for the individual salvation of these bad priests, bishops and the Pope.

Salvation is given by God to the repentant. The unrepentant will find themselves in Hell, and as I have come to believe, there are places lower in Hell than the one which Judas occupies.

Father Paul Kalchik is pastor of Resurrection Parish in Chicago, Illinois.


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