What the Gay Lobby Doesn’t Want You to Know

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by Christine Niles  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 24, 2017   

The increasing number of "ex-gay" testimonials

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A decade ago, personal video testimonials of people "coming out" as gay exploded on YouTube. Now, search the term "ex-gay," and you'll find an explosion of testimonials from those who've left the homosexual lifestyle and have never looked back.

But this is the news the LGBT lobby doesn't want anyone to know, because it bursts the myth that people are "born that way" and they can never really change. So invested are they in the narrative that they've lobbied states to outlaw reparative therapy — voluntary counseling that helps diminish or eliminate unwanted same-sex attraction. Currently, nine states and counting have banned such therapy for minors, meaning youth who seek help in ridding themselves of homosexual desires can no longer do so with a licensed therapist in those states.

But counselors are hitting back. Remarkably, in a stunning federal filing in May, tens of thousands of licensed therapists and clients lodged a massive fraud claim against the LGBT lobby accusing them of misinformation and outright lies regarding the "born that way" narrative and reparative therapy. And secular media are propping up the fraud, promoting the false notion that reparative therapy resorts to torture, shaming and "shock treatment" — none of it true.

The late Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, a pioneer in reparative therapy, helped many men recapture their heterosexual orientation.

"Homosexuality is not about sex," Nicolosi said. "It is about a person's sense of himself, about his relationships, how he forms and establishes relationships, his self-identity, his self-image, personal shame, his ability to sustain intimacy."

"Homosexual behavior is always prompted by an inner sense of emptiness," he explained.

Homosexual behavior is always prompted by an inner sense of emptiness.

Often, when childhood wounds were healed, men would find their same-sex desires diminish or disappear completely, replaced with a healthy, heterosexual attraction.

At his passing, Nicolosi was working on a project to disprove the thesis that reparative therapy is harmful. In 2016, he and Dr. Carolyn Pela presented results of an ongoing study showing that conversion therapy actually reduced stress and contributed to the client's overall emotional and physical well-being — contrary to gay activists' claims.
"Findings from preliminary data collected over a 12-month period indicated statistically significant reductions in distress and improvements in well-being, significant movement toward heterosexual identity, and significant increases in heterosexual thoughts and desires with accompanying significant decreases in homosexual thoughts and desires," he summarized.
Watch the panel take apart the "born that way" lie in The Download—LGBT Fraud.


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