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by Kristine Christlieb  •  •  January 25, 2021   

Follow St. Joseph the man

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New York ( - Church Militant Resistance members in the nation's largest city are sharing a list of action ideas for 2021.

Mary Ann, who leads the group but needs to remain anonymous for the sake of her husband who is in government service, told Church Militant that the group's focus is prayer, promotion of the Year of St. Joseph and action.

Year of St. Joseph

"We want to restore the masculine. The time of 'quiet, servile doormat' is over. It's not Catholic. We're going to speak the truth," Mary Ann said.

She went on to explain why St. Joseph is so important for this time in history.

"We look to St. Joseph, who was the Truth's protector, guardian and provider. When he spoke, when he made decisions, Mary listened to him. We need to encourage the men in our lives to stand up and resist the emasculation that has happened over the last five decades," Mary Ann explained.

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Mary Ann believes men need to be more than just present in the fight.

"The instruction for men to 'sit down and shut up' has to stop. We need to encourage men to not be afraid, to stand in front as protection," she proclaimed.

We look to St. Joseph who was the Truth's protector, guardian and provider.

Mary Ann wants to remind other Resistance members of important Catholic principles.

"Strong men bring out strong women; and strong women demand strong men," Mary Ann told Church Militant.

Go! Go! Go!

Mary Ann and other Resistance members in New York have compiled a list of actions. Joseph Gallagher, Church Militant's Resistance director, applauds the group.

"Church Militant Resistance is about action," Gallagher observed. "Without question, prayer is essential, and that's where every action and every plan should begin. But we are in a season of action like never before."

Here is the New York group's action list:

1. Read our Bible starting with a gospel from the Douay-Rheims version and augmented by an audio version.

2. Pray the Rosary and join Church Militant's live Rosary Novena starting at 8 a.m. weekdays.

3. Sidestep censorship by checking out Church Militant's video on disentangling from mainstream media. Register on your faithful sites to receive emails directly without relying on biased social media platforms such as YouTube. Note: starting Feb. 8, Church Militant will have an Evening News broadcast at 6:30 pm (ET). Also catch their news-packed show, The Download, airing daily at noon on the homepage (ET).

4. Ponder Abp. Vigano's response to the pope’s declaration on the vaccine. And learn about Marxist feminism’s destruction of society. Restoration of the family is tantamount.

5. Support one another with prayer, solace or temporal needs. If one is under attack, reach out. Do not let us be separated or isolated. We are not alone.

If you would like to join the Resistance, click here!

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