White House Siege

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by Joseph Enders  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  August 14, 2020   

Leftist group pledges revolution

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A leftist group is vowing to place the White House under siege.

The 50-day protest, starting on Sept. 17, is being promoted by a revolutionary group called "Adbusters."

Though claiming to want nonviolent protest, the group's website provides questionable suggestions on what to bring to the protest: "Stuff your backpack with the tools of nonviolent revolution, and bring intelligence to match your enthusiasm."

Their manifesto includes a doctrine called "The Metamemetic Insurrection" — all about winning the culture war with funny internet photos, also known as memes.

"This is the Meme War that will decide our fate. And to win this war, we must re-examine all assumptions, all rules, all habits of mind that have delivered us to this perilous moment," it says.

They oppose the re-election of President Trump — accusing him in this promo video of desiring a dictatorship — pledging their goal to prevent his victory: "By now it's clear that Trump and his sycophants will do anything to prevent Joe Biden from taking office. ... We will not let Donald Trump steal the election!"

Earlier in the week Attorney General William Barr, a faithful Catholic, warned of the dangers of communist groups like Adbusters: "What they do is they hijack these demonstrations and they provoke violence."

Leftist radicals — agitating to take down the Trump administration — are demonstrating they are not afraid of using groups like Adbusters to provoke their revolution, turning a figurative siege into a literal one.

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