Why Catholic Hospitals Kill Patients

by Bradley Eli, M.Div., Ma.Th.  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 12, 2017   

Dr. McKalip: Doctors are penalized for keeping patients in ICU too long

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (ChurchMilitant.com) - A Catholic neurosurgeon explains to Church Militant that health care regulations are set up to ration care by financially penalizing doctors for keeping patients in the intensive care unit (ICU) too long. With a nod from the family, doctors shorten the stay of such patients, advising the family there is no hope, leading to premature withdrawal of medical care. This is often followed by the use of morphine for de facto euthenasia.

During a recent interview with Church Militant, Dr. David McKalip, M.D., a neurological surgeon and a practicing Catholic, confirmed that secular hospitals were euthanizing terminally ill patients "literally every week" by intentionally giving them excessive doses of morphine. He further verified that he saw "active euthanasia with morphine at Catholic hospitals" where he had practiced.

Dr. McKalip revealed that doctors are incentivised by health care regulations to euthanize their patients. "What's happened is that under Obamacare, and under what Republicans agreed to in Medicare called MACRA, doctors gets bonuses if they meet certain budget goals; in other words, if they ration care."

"If you spend an amount below what the government and the insurance company agreed to as reasonable, you get extra money, you get a bonus," explained McKalip. In some hospitals where critical care doctors are employed, he added, "The hospital pays the doctor a bonus if their ICU number of days is below a certain number on average, and they get a penalty if they go above that number."

"So there is a direct financial incentive, a penalty to doctors financially if they keep you in the hospital too long." In other words, the doctors that acquiesce to the guidelines would rather see the terminally ill have their care withdrawn and potentially euthanized rather than be financially penalized for keeping them in their ICU. "So this is active rationing of care with the doctors financially incentivised to do so," said McKalip.

Asked if a doctor actually gets his pay docked by the hospital for keeping a patient in ICU too long McKalip responded, "That is exactly correct." McKalip said when he tries to work with a recovering patient in ICU, the critical care doctors often times voice their disapproval. "The ICU doctors that I deal with will say to me, 'David you're keeping this old lady here with a brain hemorrhage for like three weeks. I'm getting killed here! I can't take this, I'm going to get a penalty.'"

He told Church Militant that critical care doctors employed by the hospital will routinely tell residents who work under them the following: "They'll say to the resident, 'This ICU stay is getting too long.' I hear it all the time. 'You guys got to get this going; I can't have this guy here in the unit too long.' And they know what that means."

The family is then told, often times by unqualified health care professionals, that the case is hopeless, said McKalip. This results in the family giving the doctor what McKalip calls a "blank check." The doctor then starts to administer more morphine than is needed to control pain. The result is the patient's death, owing to the suppression of vital functions caused by the effects of excessive morphine.

Speaking of the employment contract the hospital makes with the critical care doctor, McKalip said, "It's built in that you get a bonus if the ICU number of days is low; and you don't get your bonus, which is a de facto penalty, if they're too high. In addition, Obamacare has built into Medicare now financial penalties if doctors don't meet the government's budget goals for spending on certain patients."

He said doctors aren't slated to receive all the penalties until regulations are fully implemented in 2019, but they're already ramping up for it now. "They're already behaving that way because they have to act that way now in order to get ready for it. In 2019, it will start hitting really hard, but the hospitals have been pushing this for years."

To understand more about how government regulations apply financial presurre on doctors to euthanize their patients go to Dr. McKalip's blog, Sunbeamtimes.com.


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