Why You Can ‘Change’ Sex, but Not Race

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by Paul Murano  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  March 23, 2023   

The cynical 'logic' behind the Left's identity politics

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Ever preoccupied with defining equality as sameness, the atheist Left has adopted an apparent double standard regarding two of its sacred cows, race and sex. Apparently, you're a bigot if you don't believe men can become women, and vice versa, but you're also a bigot if you identify as another race or ethnicity. On what principle is the inconsistency based? There seems to be a singular motive: Power.

The recent Academy Awards furnished the Left with an opportunity to put its hypocrisy on full display. In the wake of the Hollywood soirée of self-congratulations, National Public Radio sent out what many perceived as a virtue-signaling, politically correct dog-whistle of a tweet seeming to wink at "transracialism": "Michelle Yeoh wins the Oscar for best actress making history as the first person who identifies as Asian to win the award" (emphasis added). (It's worth noting that some NPR apologists have alleged the organization was just acknowledging 1930s Indian actress Merle Oberon, who closeted her Asian heritage to avoid Hollywood prejudice.) 

Liberal NPR found out the hard way that transracialism is outside the bounds of the Overton window. Indeed, the tweet raised the ire of liberals and conservatives alike, with many seemingly incredulous over NPR's surreal diction. 

In response to NPR, SmartBlocks CMO Mark Fidelman tweeted, "Identifies as Asian? Are you kidding me? Does NPR identify as the National Enquirer?" Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong responded, "She is Asian. She doesn't 'identify as' Asian." And Christina Pushaw, rapid response director of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, stated, "She IS Asian because she was born Asian. It doesn't matter how she 'identifies,' what does that even mean?" 

 Does NPR identify as the National Enquirer?

Contrast such blowback with the mainstream media's open acceptance (read: aggressive shilling) of transgenderism and Hollywood's bending over backward to platform transgender celebrities (such as Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner and Elliot Page) and promote movies with transgender themes (such as Boy Meets Girl, The Danish Girl, and The Crying Game). It's a seeming incongruity — to say the least.

Creating One's Own Reality

Why won't the Left defend people who identify as another race? Isn't it a fundamental tenet of secularism that we have a right to define ourselves at will? Recall Justice Anthony Kennedy's infamous philosophizing in his plurality opinion in the Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey case: "At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe, and of the mystery of human life." Following Kennedy's dictum to its bitter end, wouldn't this mean we can become any race or ethnicity we choose, just by saying the word?

Pursuant to the progressive ideology, what you are is irrelevant; what you say you are is what matters. At least that's the principle to which the neo-Marxists pay lip service. So why, then, didn't the professional P.C. apologists come out in force to defend NPR while the network was being pummeled over the Yeoh snafu? After all, we've seen countless examples in the past of the woke mob defending the transgender weightlifters, swimmers and track-and-field athletes invading women's sports. We saw them trash those who wanted women's bathrooms to remain exclusively for biological women. And we saw them elevate Caitlyn Jenner to the status of a cultural icon. Why, then, the relative silence with NPR?

Before attempting to answer this directly, let's look at what happens when a White person adheres to the Leftist identity-means-reality principle to identify as a minority race or ethnicity. 

Transracialism Condemned

In 2015, Rachel Dolezal became the first person to be nationally outed as a so-called transracial Black woman. Dolezal was a pale-skinned blonde girl who tanned up and curled her hair in order to identify as Black, and she ultimately became president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People's Spokane, Washington, chapter. In the end, her true identity as a White woman came to light, and she was roundly condemned for her racial "fluidity," resulting in her 2015 resignation from the NAACP. In 2021 — six years after the media publicly crucified her — she lamented that she was still not able to find suitable work, due to her tarnished reputation. Even changing her name wasn't a silver bullet.

Rachel Dolezal

A similar case involved the Muslim activist Raquel Evita Saraswati. Saraswati was chief equity, inclusion and culture officer for the social justice organization the American Friends Services Committee when she was outed for being transracial by her own mother. After hearing Saraswati claim to be a "woman of color" of Arab, South Asian and Latina descent, her mother told the media, "I don't know why she's doing what she's doing. I'm as White as the driven snow and so is she."

Likewise, Vianne Timmons, president of Canada's Memorial University, earned the scorn of her contemporaries for identifying as a member of the Mi'kmaw Indian tribe. And she recently apologized to the indigenous people of Canada. "I didn't feel comfortable identifying as a member. ... I was not raised Mi'kmaw," she admitted in a statement.

And who can forget "Pocahontas," Sen. Elizabeth Warren, whose nickname was first coined by Sen. Scott Brown during their 2012 contest for U.S. Senate? In time, the sobriquet was famously usurped by President Donald Trump in his own jousting with Warren. The barb stems from Warren's claiming to be American Indian on job applications, presumably to advance her law career. A DNA test, however, showed that only .1%–1.5% of Pocahontas' DNA is of American Indian origin (the DNA of the average American White person is .18% American Indian), and, on top of that, the Cherokee Nation's secretary of state Chuck Hoskin, Jr., publicly scolded Warren for "undermining tribal interests with her continued claims of tribal heritage." Pocahontas ended up apologizing to the Cherokee Nation for the DNA debacle.

Most instructive is the case of British influencer Oli London, however, as it combines, in a tidy side-by-side, transgender and transracial elements. London first came out as a "non-binary male," and then as a "genderfluid trans woman." Both developments were acceptable to the Left. But when London dared to identify as Korean — that was off-limits, a no-no, verboten. London admitted to having 32 plastic surgeries to resemble Korean BTS band member Park Ji-min, but he has since apologized for his transracialism. Nevertheless, a woke Asian website in September chided that "London said they [sic] had no 'bad intentions' but they [sic] 'realise now it wasn't the right thing to do.' ... London went on to say they [sic] still 'identify as Korean.'"

End Game

The puppet masters of this age of insanity reflexively applaud people's identifying with their gender or sexuality of choice, but the same people are ready to throw you under the bus if you play the same game with race or ethnicity. What underlying motive might exist for this inconsistency? That is the fundamental question.

Of course, the culture wars can ultimately be traced to the conniving of the Devil and his demons for the ruin of souls. The liberal billionaire middlemen who serve as Hell's minions, and their enablers in the media, academia and government, are willing but incognizant cooperators. The main aim of evil is power — over people and over God. The sin of pride makes you want to "be like gods" (Genesis 3:5) in order to wield power over everything and everyone.

Margaret Sanger

The reason transgenderism fits into the ideological scheme but transracialism doesn't is that this combination advances the Culture of Death most effectively. If people are confused about sex, and act out that confusion, the family suffers, procreation becomes limited and the depopulation crisis of the West becomes more dire. Humanity's collective suicide makes the Devil exuberant. Furthermore, the dehumanizing lifestyles born of this confusion contribute significantly to the ruination of souls. Killing bodies and killing souls is the end goal.

On the other hand, and to the same end, the powers that be must maintain a perpetual war between the races. As the attempt to depopulate the world (especially of its "unfit" undesirables that Margaret Sanger of Planned Parenthood infamy sought to eliminate) marches on, the elites in government continue their quest to keep minorities in psychological chains, to keep Black people on the "mental plantation," as Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones said, in order to foster their dependence on progressive government for "social justice."

Despite the racism of the 1950s and 1960s, the American Black family was once in relatively good shape. But such family stability was not conducive to the statism sought by the Left, and cynical politicians quickly set about destroying it, effectively replacing husbands with government, and self-esteem with dependence. Between 1960 and the 1980s, Black families headed by single women doubled (Rebecca Carrol, "The Black Family," U.S. Catholic Historian, 7, no. 2/3 [1998]: 311). In 1965, 24% of Black babies were born out of wedlock. But since then, that number has risen meteorically, to around 70%. And those single-parent babies were the lucky ones, mind you. Per capita, the number of Black and Hispanic babies murdered through abortion dwarfs the number of White prenatal victims. Minority women, who are specially targeted by Planned Parenthood, abort at a rate of 27 per 1000, compared to 10 per 1000 for White women. And according to the Guttmacher Institute, the research arm of Planned Parenthood, the abortion rate for Black women in the United States is almost five times that of White women.

Mic'd Up Report: Breakdown of the Family

The moral catastrophe of the secular and sexual revolutions devastated society as a whole, but especially minority communities. The narrative that government has improved the lives of American racial minorities is a longstanding lie. Minorities were happier and better off before government began its dystopian program of social engineering. The reason Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty got lambasted by the Luciferian media for articulating that, in certain ways, Black people were better off before the civil rights movement, is that Leftist elites have successfully convinced the masses that government is more important than family in forming happy and healthy individuals. 

While bigotry is a sin that must be eradicated, it's far more salutary to be raised in a healthy family environment, despite societal discrimination, than to be formed in a broken modernist family in an egalitarian society. Nothing contributes to the health and well-being of children more than being raised by a validly married father and mother with goodwill and right values.

The catastrophe of the secular and sexual revolutions devastated society as a whole.

Therefore, the Marxist Left needs to cultivate and perpetuate a victim mentality among racial and ethnic minorities to keep them bitter, unforgiving and despondent. Gutting the human spirit of hope keeps people dependent, and this enables government to usurp responsibility that rightly belongs to the family, according to the principle of subsidiarity. The political Party of Death has a lot at stake here in its quest to maintain power.

So, whenever you scratch your head about the bizarre inconsistencies the elite Left holds as it ushers us into the age of insanity, remember the primordial sin of the angels and the first sin of humans. Irrationality and hypocrisy can usually be traced to pride's attempt to acquire and maintain power, which is ultimately undergirded by the desire to usurp God's place in the universe.

Paul Murano holds a doctorate in theology, a master's in philosophy and one in religious studies, and is certified in health care ethics. He is a writer and producer at Church Militant. Paul has also taught at several colleges and universities, and has been producer and host of his podcast, Beneath the Surface, since 2003. 
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