Willing to Break the Law

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by Kristine Christlieb  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  June 11, 2021   

Pro-lifers jump the sidewalk

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Activists in the pro-life movement are trending younger, browner and more intense in their battle for babies. 

On Friday and Saturday, pro-life activists infiltrated two Ohio abortion clinics and talked face-to-face with mothers who were planning abortions before four of the pro-lifers were arrested.

Called a Red Rose Rescue, the strategy is gaining steam with more pro-life warriors willing to step off the sidewalk and risk arrest. 

In Cuyahoga Falls, two activists were arrested Friday, June 3, including 18-year-old college student Audrey Whipple and Stephanie Berry, a young black woman — both willing to go to jail in solidarity with the unborn about to be aborted.

Monica Miller: One of the reasons we even wound up in Ohio was because of a retired Protestant minister, Pastor Walter Moss, and his wife Darlene, and they are also African American. 

Father Stephen Imbarrato has been part of the Red Rose Rescue movement since its beginning. He believes civil disobedience is the way to go. 

Fr. Stephen Imbarrato: "But I think that it's not going to end decisively until people are willing to rise up — peacefully, prayerfully — in the streets, in the market squares, in the town squares of this country to the point of risking arrest. And that's what I think it's gonna take."

The following day, on Saturday, eight rescuers joined organizer Monica Miller in a second Red Rose Rescue at a massive Planned Parenthood in a Cleveland suburb.

This Planned Parenthood funneled abortion-minded mothers through a back door.

Rescuers, however, managed to talk with them anyway in the parking lot but were then arrested for "aggravated trespass," a charge that means they intended to cause "physical harm to others."

Imbarrato thinks this kind of civil disobedience needs to ramp up even faster. 

Imbarrato: "We want to decisively end this daily mass murder of preborn children. We're not much interested in overly cautious incrementalism."

Imbarrato says the abortion industry could be defeated easily. All it would take is for U.S. bishops to demand Democrats remove support for abortion from their party’s platform

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