With Apologies to Donald Trump for the Crazy ‘Nativist’ Rant of Cardinal Dolan

by Church Militant  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  July 31, 2015   

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By Fr. Marcel Guarnizo

This week, Cardinal Timothy Dolan took to the New York Daily News to write an incoherent and defamatory political hit piece against Donald Trump.

As a Catholic priest, I can only say it is embarrassing to have a cardinal so blatantly and unfairly trying to associate Mr. Trump with the worst kinds of racism imaginable. I offer an apology on behalf of so many Catholics who are outraged by the dirty politics of Cardinal Dolan.

Ever so "cleverly," Dolan makes clear that in his opinion Trump is the revival of nativism, "an organized, white, Protestant antagonism towards the Catholic immigrant," which for Dolan is just a more recent incarnation of the KKK and other racist organizations — an absurd claim — and perhaps one of the most ignorant statements and mean-spirited remarks I have ever seen a bishop state publicly. The more than clear implication by Dolan that Trump is a white supremacist reaches levels of defamation that even the most liberal media has not dare trod.

Dolan should perhaps realize that the continued race-baiting in this country by President Obama and others is immoral and destructive to the social fabric of our nation. For Dolan to join the base ranks of the peddlers of hate, dividing Catholics and Protestants, blacks and whites, the poor and the rich as well as Americans from immigrants is intellectually dishonest. Dolan's words are unbecoming of a bishop and are not factual.

Dolan, who is quick to claim that he is not telling people whom they should not vote for, provides the usual vacuous caveat only after he has done all the damage. This is the same bishop who is silent about the recently revealed atrocities of Planned Parenthood, who did little to defend marriage and has done absolutely nothing about pro-abortion politicians in his diocese receiving communion and remaining falsely in good standing in the Catholic Church.

Dolan laments that he is not still teaching in college his absurd nativist ideology. I can only say I am relieved for those who would be subjected to his indoctrination; lamentably he has free rein to attack Republicans in the public square.

Read the rest at Breitbart.com.


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