Woke White Bishops Ax Black Star Ordinand

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by Jules Gomes  •  ChurchMilitant.com  •  April 20, 2022   

Faithful Catholics urge orthodox media celebrity to 'come home to Rome'

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LONDON, England (ChurchMilitant.com) - Woke White bishops in the Church of England have closed ranks to cancel a Black celebrity ordinand for his orthodox views on sexuality, gender and race. 

Woke bishop of Edmonton Rob Wickham

"I am not being ordained this Petertide," GB News TV presenter Calvin Robinson tweeted on Holy Saturday. "It seems that having conservative views and orthodox Christian beliefs is a big no-no. Go woke, get promoted; go Scriptural, get booted." 

Robinson says he will be homeless and jobless in a few weeks when he completes his training for the Anglican priesthood at St. Stephen's House, Oxford, after pro-abortion and pro-LGBTQ+ bishop of London Sarah Mullally blocked his curacy at St. Alban's Holborn.

No Room for Orthodoxy

"I'm an orthodox Anglican, and the Church of England has become very woke on issues in human sexuality, holy matrimony and transgenderism," Robinson lamented. "I prefer to stick to Scripture on these issues."

"The bishop of Fulham, Jonathan Baker, implied that it would be too 'turbulent' having me as a curate because there would be complaints about my views, due to my public profile," the ordinand told Church Militant.  

"I asked to see any complaints about me — redacted of course — so that I could reflect and discern on how to improve my public ministry so as not to cause offense, but my request was denied," he added. 

Ironically, while the uniformly White Anglican establishment has concluded the Church of England is "institutionally racist," Robinson, a Black candidate for ordination, takes a contrarian position. 

Robinson has tested the limits of woke Anglican inclusive liberalism to destruction.

"Independent reports have found no evidence of institutional racism in this country. Racism still exists, of course it does; I've experienced it firsthand — it's an evil that must be addressed," remarked Robinson, who, as a journalist, has produced a video attacking critical race theory. 

Calvin Robinson defends his views on biblical Christianity

"But to suggest that individual elements of racism make the entire country racist is untrue and disingenuous. It also undermines racism where it genuinely does occur, thus helping no one," continued Robinson, who has more than 153,000 followers on Twitter compared to Bp. Mullally's 16,000 followers. 

Limits to Wokery

"In the complex mathematics of wokery, Robinson has discovered that his skin color cannot compensate for the disadvantages that his straight masculinity and orthodox Christianity convey," former chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II Dr. Gavin Ashenden told Church Militant.

Ashenden, who converted to Catholicism after recognizing the futility of fighting the Church of England's "lunacy of wokeness," said that "Robinson has tested the limits of woke Anglican inclusive liberalism to destruction."

These are clear examples as to why, in my opinion, his ordination should be looked at very closely indeed. 

"Not surprisingly, the bishop of London, committed to inclusive, diverse and egalitarian values as she is, has found Robinson's commitment to orthodox Christianity and repudiation of soft socialism too unacceptable to merit ordination. Robinson stretches her diversity further than she can manage," Ashenden remarked.  

Church Militant obtained an email sent by the bishop of Edmonton, Rob Wickham, to the archbishop of Canterbury's office. It notes Robinson had "changed his mind" and no longer agreed with the ordination of women since being at St. Stephen's House — a seminary with a traditionalist ethos that does not favor women's orders. 

Fr. Michael Nazir-Ali's ordination to the Catholic priesthood

Pointing out Robinson's conservative positions on illegal immigration and asylum appearing on his Twitter feed, Wickham concluded: "These are clear examples as to why, in my opinion, his ordination should be looked at very closely indeed." 

Return to Rome

Meanwhile, scores of faithful Catholics are urging Robinson to read the life of Anglican convert to Catholicism St. John Henry Newman and consider swimming the Tiber. 

"May St. John Henry Newman and Our Lady pray for you, and may the good God bring you to where it is he would have you be," a Catholic fan of Robinson's tweeted. "St. John Henry Newman's path may be one worth treading," another wrote

Others asked Robinson to talk to Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali, Anglicanism's most high-profile evangelical prelate to enter into full communion with the Catholic Church. He did so in October despite Pope Francis urging the former bishop of Rochester not to convert. 

The Pakistani-born campaigner against Muslim apostasy laws in Pakistan — and a prolific writer on Islam — faced biting criticism from his fellow Anglican bishops for not toeing the Church of England's politically correct line on Islam.

St. John Henry Newman's path may be one worth treading.

Monsignor Nazir-Ali earlier accused the Church of England's hierarchy of "jumping onto every faddish bandwagon about identity politics, cultural correctness and mea culpas about Britain's imperial past."

A spokesperson for the Anglican diocese of London responded to Church Militant:

In the Diocese of London, we have a limited number of curacies available each year that are considered on a case-by-case basis. We work with and support ordinands throughout the discernment process to establish the right path for each person.

In this instance, it was felt that there was no suitable option available that London could offer. Calvin continues to be a candidate sponsored for ordination. We continue to be willing to work with him to discern the right way forward, and we keep him in our prayers. 

Among the four Anglican bishops who converted to Catholicism last year are Jonathan Goodall (Ebbsfleet), Peter Foster (Chester), and John Goddard (Burnley).

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