Pro-Life Investigator Gets Justice for Women

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by Anita Carey  •  •  July 19, 2018   

Lynn Mills created Pro-Life Michigan to help women report injuries and abuse

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DETROIT ( -  A pro-life investigator has created a website to help women who have been hurt by abortionists get justice.

Lynn Mills is a Catholic pro-life investigator who has been working to help women heal after abortions for over 30 years. She sat down with Church Militant in an exclusive interview to launch her new website, aimed at helping Michigan women file complaints against abortion mills after they've been hurt.

"I would like to give women the courage, the fortitude, the aid, my knowledge, my help when they are injured," she said. "Because we know they're going to be injured. Part of my mission is to be there afterwards to pick up the pieces." 

Mills has helped numerous women find help, healing and justice after they've been hurt by the abortionist or staff. She said there is a "whole slew of reasons" people file complaints against abortionists, their staff and clinics. Her website, Pro-Life Michigan, lists over a dozen reasons that women could be maltreated before, during and after a visit to an abortion mill. 

She said the abortion mill staff can even try to coerce women to have an abortion. Mills explained women who change their mind and ask for a refund may find the staff won't return their money.

"That's extortion," she said. "That's coercion."

Women, their family members and even staff can file a complaint for many other violations she lists on her site. Mills knows the state laws that apply to abortion mills, and she lists many common violations she has learned about during her many hours of sidewalk counseling. Lack of cleanliness of the facility, poor standards of care received and refusing to show the ultrasound results are a few.

Mills continued, "Did the doctor introduce themselves by name and stay at the facility until you were discharged, did they monitor your vitals and did a doctor or nurse ride with you to the ER?"

Mills spends about 20 hours a week at abortion mills in Michigan talking to women before and after abortions, noting, "Women find me." She has helped women who were sexually abused during an abortion, a woman who said the abortionist lied to her about the size of her baby she aborted and women who were injured by the abortionist — one with a perforated uterus. 

I'm challenging them to clean up their own industry.

Mills explained she became good friends with two of the women, saying, "I believe both, if they had been fully informed about what they were about to do, really wouldn't do it."

She said the abortion industry does nothing to remove abortionists with abuse allegations or injury complaints and many women don't know how to use the system to report them — leaving the doctors free to continue to abuse or hurt other women.

"I'm challenging them to clean up their own industry," she noted.

The abortion industry often fights against any laws holding them accountable. 

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands sued the state of Idaho in federal court over the new law requiring abortion mills to report complications of abortions. The law went into effect on July 1 and requires abortionists to report when they occurred and some statistics on the women seeking abortions, such as their age, race and the number of previous abortions. 

Courts have struck down state laws restricting abortion, citing not enough information on complications to justify the laws.

Mills said she's working with Right to Life Michigan to investigate how many botched abortions are being recorded in emergency rooms as miscarriages.

"We know women leave the abortion mills in emergency vans," she said. 

We know women leave the abortion mills in emergency vans.

Mills dedicates part of her website to the abortion workers who she finds are at risk too. She explained that there have been documented cases of abortionists that have been accused of sexually assaulting their own staff.

Complaints against the abortionist and the facility are handled differently. Mills' website has links to the complaint forms that can be printed and mailed or filled out online. She explained that anyone can file a complaint, but those filed by the patients carry more weight and are more effective. Mills noted that users' privacy will be protected and they can request to remain anonymous.

Mills notes that there is one abortionist, still working in the greater Detroit area, that has paid settlements to several women who filed police reports and lawsuits against him for abuse. She said, while that is not an admission of guilt, there is a pattern of behavior, noting if one woman has been harmed, it's likely that others have been.

"Please help other women not be abused," she said. 

There is no statute of limitations in Michigan for complaints relating to harm from abortion.

"People complain about everything." Mills said. "Look at Yelp, there are complaints and attitudes and opinions about everything. Well, let's get serious about the things that matter."

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