UK Bishop Declares Year of the Eucharist

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by David Nussman  •  •  December 6, 2017   

Bp. Davies encourages eucharistic adoration, gratitude for the Real Presence

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SHREWSBURY, England ( - In a rural English county outside Birmingham, the Catholic bishop is dedicating the liturgical year to Our Lord's Real Presence in the Eucharist.

Bishop Mark Davies heads the Catholic diocese of Shrewsbury, the main city of the county of Shropshire. The town is about a one-hour transit westward from Birmingham.

The bishop wrote a pastoral letter for the first Sunday of Advent titled "The Eucharistic Heart of All Our Parishes," in which he encourages the faithful to attend eucharistic adoration and declares the 2018 liturgical year "The Year of the Eucharist."

"During this Advent and Christmas, I invite you to pray that we might all become more fully aware of the reality of the Eucharist," he wrote.

Bishop Davies' letter was read at the diocese's parishes at Mass on Sunday, according to a diocesan news report.

The prelate gives two pieces of advice to his flock. "The first," he says, "is to take time to genuflect, going down to our knees in adoration. Let us not forget to pause for this moment of joy and recognition that Jesus Christ is truly with us in the sacrament of His love."

His second bit of advice is a quote from Pope Francis. Bishop Davies cites the pope's letter to Italy's 2016 Eucharistic Conference in Genoa:

I want to encourage everyone — if possible, every day amid life's difficulties — to visit the Blessed Sacrament of the infinite love of Christ and His mercy, preserved in our churches and often abandoned, to speak filially with Him, to listen to Him in silence and to peacefully entrust yourself to him.

This decision by Bp. Davies comes in the build-up to a Eucharistic Conference for England and Wales, which he says is slated for "September next year."

"This great national gathering," he writes, "will take place in Liverpool with the theme: 'Adoremus / We Adore.'"

The bishop's letter also comes amidst a move by the Vatican to push a liberal interpretation of Amoris Laetitia as "authentic Magisterium." In the wake of this effort to normalize Holy Communion for unrepentant public sinners, and in a time of crisis and confusion, Church Militant has called for widespread devotion to Our Lord truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

We have also asked our followers to make reparation for any sacrilege committed against Our Eucharistic Lord in the fall-out from the ongoing confusion.

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