David Nussman

A staff writer, David Nussman started at Church Militant as an intern in 2017.

David proudly hails from Cincinnati's west side. His last name is pronounced NOOSE-muhn. (Think of the name "Newman," but add a soft "s" sound.)

Ever since he was a toddler, people have been telling David he was "born old," comparing him to an elderly man. Maybe it was his stubbornness and interest in history as a child; maybe it's his classical education, chess playing and fondness for jazz music; maybe the cigars, old books and sweater-vests.

After skipping two years of school, he earned an undergraduate degree around the time of his 20th birthday, graduating from Xavier University (in Ohio) with an honors classics major and a philosophy minor. Between high school and college, he studied about eight years of Latin and four years of Greek.

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Thoughts on Latin

By David Nussman • August 17, 2022 • 0 Comments

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