David Hejza

David Hejza

David studied business, literature and philosophy at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Though he lived in the city near Lake Michigan for a number of years, he prefers the great outdoors and all God has to offer us in each blade of grass and every rolling hill.

He has been involved in many different sports, creative writing and various projects, particularly in the game design industry until his late 20s, when David began to realize the beauty and truth of the Holy Catholic Church.

Motivated with an inspiration to pray the Holy Rosary he had forgotten, the writings of the saints, the Church Fathers, Sacred Scripture, Holy Mass and Church Militant’s Premium content, he developed a love for God and His Holy Church that he strives to sharpen every day.

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Atheism in Russia Cut 50% in Three Years

By David Hejza • July 27, 2017 • 0 Comments

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