Michael  Voris, S.T.B.

Michael Voris, S.T.B.

Michael Voris is the founder and President of St. Michael's Media and Senior Executive Producer of ChurchMilitant.com — two media enterprises established to address the serious erosion of the Catholic faith in the last 50 years.

Michael was born in 1961, the year before the Second Vatican Council, and grew up in a Church coming apart at the seams and hemorrhaging believers by the millions.

He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 1983 with a degree in Communications and moved into a career as television news reporter, anchor and producer, mainly with CBS News, where he received four Emmy Awards for Excellence in Broadcast Journalism.

During the early years of St. Michael's Media, Michael received his Sacred Theology Baccalaureate (an ecclesiastical post-graduate degree) and graduated Magna cum laude.

Michael has spoken at hundreds of events both nationally and internationally, including Australia, Europe, Africa, Canada and the Philippines. Michael carries a message of the need for a stalwart defense and promotion of Catholic doctrine and Catholic truth with him wherever he goes in the hope of reinforcing the faithful.

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