Rodney Pelletier

Rodney Pelletier

Rodney Pelletier is a transplant from the Northeast, and his family has been in North America since 1642.

As a researcher, writer, host and associate producer for Church Militant, he wrote "Baptize All Nations," "God's Green Earth" and "Pillars of the Church." He also produced "Treasury of the Church: Gregorian Chant."

He joined Church Militant in early 2014 and loves his work because it allows him to learn more about the Catholic faith while helping others to learn about it, too. His experience at the apostolate has helped him to learn more about effectively transmitting ideas through the medium of video.

In college Rodney studied Shakespeare, playwriting, fiction writing, poetry, modern history, astronomy and crime-scene investigation, among other things.

He has experience as a beekeeper, maple sugaring and is a Wilderness EMT.

Rodney likes Church history, the Bible, stories of the martyrs, Michigan beer, nature, hiking, canoeing and campfires.

He dislikes the Times New Roman font, lobster and shrimp (because they're cockroaches of the ocean), and he's terrified of fuzzy insects — but not praying mantises because they look like little aliens (honey bees are ok, too). 

He was voted "Most Handsome First Child" by his mother.

Content Authored by Rodney Pelletier

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