Premium Store Discount

In addition to having access to all our great content like Mic'd Up, The DownloadThe One True Faith and other exclusive Premium videos, Premium users receive a 10-percent discount on items sold in the Church Militant store.

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If you do not have an account, choose from a plan below to get started! Once you have signed up you can return to this page and will see the discount code to use.



$10 / month


$30 / quarter


$120 / year

One Time Payment

12 Month

$120 for one year

6 Months

$60 for 6 months

3 Month

$30 for 3 months

Once you have the code, here is how to apply it:

Visit the store and add products to your cart as normal. When you've made your selection, go to the checkout as normal. On the right-hand side, you will see a summation of the total price of your order:

Click the "Add Coupon" button (shown circled in red above):

Then, enter the coupon code (shown at the top of this page if you are logged in) and hit "Apply." Codes are case sensitive and must be entered exactly. It is best to copy-paste the code to ensure you get it right. When you hit "apply", the code will be applied, and the price of your purchase will be disounted - you will see the discount applied on the checkout screen. If you do not see the price being modified then you have either entered the code incorrectly, entered an invalid code, or the code does not apply to that purchase (because it has expired or it does not apply to that category). If you believe the code should work but it did not, do not complete the purchase - contact us instead for clarification.

Some codes can be applied together - either they apply to different categories of purchases, or they "stack" to offer even greater savings. To apply multiple coupons, first apply one as above and then click "Apply Coupon" again to get another space to put in an additional coupon code. You may apply as many coupons as you wish but only certain coupons work together.

Once the code is applied, you can continue to check out as normal, entering your address, choosing a shipping method and making payment with a credit card.


Terms and Conditions

The discount is offered on selected categories of products in the Church Militant online store. Non-eligible categories include but are not limited to T-shirts, mugs and other items sold via third-party affiliates, branded Church Militant merchandise, soap, coffee, event tickets and conference fees, donations made for blessed items, subscriptions, products sold at events, pre-orders and already discounted items. reserves the right to apply discount codes to only online or telephone credit card purchases, and not purchases made via mail, at events or in other situations.

Church Militant reserves the right to end or change this promotion at any time. Church Militant is not obligated to apply discounts retroactively or in cases where the purchaser did not use the code correctly.

A new code will be issued each month. Older codes will not function.