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Bishops are fathers to their priests, but in today's Church too many bishops are abusive fathers, attacking their sons and using the power of their office to unjustly persecute good priests. These faithful pastors have not only been abandoned by their bishops, but in many cases have been targeted with false accusations, trumped-up charges, whisper campaigns and even legal action. Good priests have been removed from their parishes and forced to flee, stripped of income and denied the right to speak to defend themselves.

But these priests are fighting back — on social media, in the press, and in the courts. You can help them in their fight — with your prayers and also your money. Donate below. All money raised will be given directly to Fr. Paul Kalchik to help with him legal fees, living expenses and other needs as he fights for the Truth, for the Faith and for the Church.

100% of money raised (minus processing fees) will be given directly to Fr. Paul Kalchik. Saint Michael's Media keeps none of the money you donate.