Sponsor a Seminarian / Priest

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If you are able to help out financially and contribute to our private efforts to assist priests and seminarians, it would be most appreciated.

We are asking for your help to maintain and increase our private, out-of-sight help for priests and seminarians. We'd like to extend the opportunity to them to come visit our apostolate — and many of them don't have the resources to do so.

The same goes for a Premium subscription. A good number of seminarians contact us to say they don't have the money for an annual subscription, which they would dearly like to have. They watch The Vortex and Headlines, which are free, but they'd also like to view the more theological content.

If we can raise enough funds, we would also like to plan a private retreat and series of talks for them — an opportunity for good, solid men who have dedicated themselves to Christ the High Priest to have some time together, to find a little respite from their struggles.

To assist, you can buy a gift subscription for a priest or seminarian using the links below; each subscription you purchase will give a priest or seminarian access to our Premium content.

3-Month Gift Subscription

6-Month Gift Subscription

12-Month Gift Subscription

Or you can use the form below to donate to help with travel, retreats and conferences: