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Best of Vortex—Easter Joy/Easter Sadness

Does anyone ever think of these things?

April 3, 2018  0
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It's so difficult being Catholic, in more ways than one. There is of course the struggle to always fight evil within ourselves, to overcome the lure of sin and maintain a right relationship with God. But there is also the struggle to resist being overwhelmed by the catastrophic state of affairs in the Church these days. Consider this past weekend; the usual Christmas-Easter crowd of Catholics jammed parishes in their usual semi-annual appearance, and practically to a man, they all went up and received Holy Communion.

Think about this for a moment. On the greatest holy day in the Church, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of sacrilegious Holy Communions were made — and before the Church of Nice supporters say, "You don't know that; maybe they all went to confession." Right! The truly horrible thing here is no one warned them — not the bishops of the dioceses, not the priests who distributed Our Lord's Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity to them; no one.

The clergy knows this drill. Many of them are excited to see the collection offering swell on these days. They know there are people in those pews who are in an objective state of mortal sin for deliberately refusing to attend Mass the other 51 Sundays of the year and therefore have no business approaching the altar, and yet they say nothing. Nothing! Do they not realize the blood of these people will be on their heads for failing to instruct?

The joy of Easter mingled with the sadness of sacrilege on a grand scale — those bishops who fail to instruct their clergy in this regard, to warn people to stay away and not receive the Sacred Body and Blood of Our Blessed Lord unworthily, are in for a rude awakening when they die and come before that same Jesus Christ. Why was an announcement not read out in every parish in every diocese saying to the effect: "Do not approach lest you be guilty of the murder of the Lord"?

They have no problem making announcements about immigration. They have no problem making announcements about the annual diocesan collection. But on the matters of teaching, they fall completely silent.

What are the future priests being taught in seminary? Couldn't a parish priest take it upon himself to warn the people? Do they think it is just a nice Sunday morning get-together to all feel warm and fuzzy about each other? They should be saying it at every Mass, every Sunday. Get to confession.

But the emphasis in seminary after seminary these days is on making the people feel nice and comfortable and friendly and all that. None of that will do them one lick of good when they are being damned and plunging into Hellfire, and the errant and silent clergy will have their sufferings increased when they meet these souls in Hell. Do the clergy really believe in Hell? Do they not believe that free will can be exercised in such a way that it can condemn someone for eternity?

How did we get here? How is it that so many Catholics in the pews and clergy in the sanctuary can cooperate in such a praxis of evil, pretending everything is joyous and wonderful while souls are tumbling into Hell as they pile up sacrilege upon sacrilege?

For the past century, the attacks against the Church have reached levels as to nearly shake Her foundations. Satan has leveled a non-stop assault against the Faith in the 20th century like he never has in any previous century.

He began by intensifying his control over the world, and then that spilled over into the Church through corrupt clerics. It has been maintained in the Church now, even to this very hour, by cowardly clerics who have been so malformed as to have lost nearly all sense of their own Catholic identity.

There is only one way to resist and fight back against this, as there has only ever been one way to resist and fight it, and that is for you, not the guy next to you, but you to become a saint. And for the record, if you don't die a saint, you cannot enter Heaven. You must be in the state of grace when you breathe your last, or you are damned by your own free will.

It's time to reclaim our Catholic identity. It's time to take the fight to the gates of Hell. This is what the majority of Catholics always understood their purpose of life to be up until roughly the last 50–60 years.

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