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Best of Vortex—You Lose, Satan!

Lift High the Cross.

April 4, 2018  0
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We have arrived at last at the day which Bp. Sheen refers to as the Friday, that men call Good. This is the day where light permitted darkness to contend with it. And darkness was humiliatingly crushed.

Like a champion — a fighter who took every single blow and punch His opponent could muster, punishing blow after blow, seemingly endless pounding, relentless inflicting of pain and torture, until it was the case that the opponent, not Him, fell from exhaustion, and when His opponent had completely exhausted himself, the champion stands over him and lets ring out a cry of conquest and victory, arms stretched out and voice ringing to Heaven.

It is finished! You lose, Satan! You have done your worst, summoned every ounce of rage and hate and enmity and bitterness stored up for Me since you fell like lightning from the sky, every last measure you could conjure from your infernal pit, you have drained your very self in the conflict, and you have lost, Satan.

I am greater than you. I always knew, and so did you, but now the whole world knows as well, all of creation. Those once under your reign are now free to escape you because I am the way, the way away from you. You lose, Satan! From the power of death brought about by you, and now ripped apart by Me. O Death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? I have walked through death and trampled it. You lose, Satan.

This cry of victory is completely evident, in full view for the human eye and intellect to behold, present on the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Our Blessed Lord in the tomb. Consider what the Shroud tells us, what we know from it. We see the agony but at the same time the glory. There is no separation of the two; pain and victory are wedded together in this fallen earthly life. And pain and ultimate victory are what is imprinted on the Shroud.

Consider the Shroud. Recent scientific discoveries have now detected the spear wound, and the Shroud of Oviedo, the cloth that science tells us was placed over His head on the Cross after He died, both confirm the spear being driven into His heart.

And driven in so precisely as well as violently that the blade passed perfectly between ribs without even nicking them. And the fluid in the sack around the heart was forced up into Our Lord's head and face and came out through His mouth and nostrils and onto the head Shroud. The Shroud is a tangible record of the suffering of the Cross. Pain is always measurable.

Science can always tell us about pain and suffering because in this life, they belong to the material order. But there is the other, more important record contained in the fibers of the Shroud that science must stand back from, completely dumbfounded. It is the image of the man buried in the Shroud that is on the Shroud. How did it get there? This is the flip side of pain— victory — and victory is not measurable or quantifiable because victory is eternal, everlasting.

Pain belongs to to the world. Victory belongs to God, and Our Blessed Lord, wishing to help us understand the inseparable nature of both pain and conquest, left us a physical record of His agony and His victory: His Resurrection. And they are both right there on the same 14-foot piece of cloth, His blood mixed with His glory.

Science cannot explain the image but it can measure its intensity — 34 trillion watts of light. That's five times greater than any man-made machine is capable of producing even now in the 21st century.

God is light, unapproachable light, and for those who rise with Him after their own victory, there will be no more tears or death, and they will dwell in this unapproachable light in rapt and utter joy. And the demon will never approach them again, because they will dwell where he can never go.

Satan, you lose. Christ Jesus Victor. Christ Jesus Ruler. Christ Jesus, Lord and Redeemer.  

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