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Bay Area Bubble

Kamala Harris' stomping grounds

October 8, 2020  0
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Senator Kamala Harris, the Democrats' vice presidential candidate, was San Francisco's district attorney for seven years — from 2004–2011.

The San Francisco Bay Area — like much of California — is known as something of a left-wing bubble, with progressive ideology, drug abuse and sexual deviancy all considered part of the area's character.

San Francisco was given the nickname "gay capital of America" back in the 1960s.

In 2015, a Gallup poll found the Bay Area had the largest LGBT population per capita of any metropolitan area in the United States — 6.2% — compared with the national average of just 3.6%.

Senator Harris has made appearances at the San Francisco Pride parade — a wise political move, given the size of the local gay scene.

Harris dated a married man — Willie Brown — back in the 1990s when he was speaker of the state assembly.

While they were carrying on the affair, Brown pushed Harris' political career along. He appointed her to the state unemployment board and to the California Medical Assistance Commission.

Brown went on to be mayor of San Francisco from 1996–2004.

Much of the city of San Francisco falls into the 12th Congressional District, represented by Democrat Nancy Pelosi — currently Speaker of the House.

The area has faced a growing homelessness crisis in recent years.

San Francisco was at the forefront of the 1960s counterculture, with the Haight-Ashbury district being a major gathering place for hippies looking to get high, live in a commune and dive into sexual promiscuity.

Thousands of young people from around the nation poured into the neighborhood in 1967 in what became known as "the Summer of Love."

The hippie movement and sexual "liberation" are still commemorated in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.

Given her long-standing time in politics, it is likely Harris also has heard of another wicked dynamic of the bay area: the Bohemian Club. It's a secretive organization for rich and powerful men — including multiple U.S. presidents. Every year, club members gather about two hours north of the city at Bohemian Grove — a private campground with extremely tight security. Attendees are very tight-lipped about the annual two-week escapade. But there are many reports of drunkenness, occultism, cross-dressing, homosexuality and child rape.

San Francisco liberals have garnered a reputation of "anything goes" — especially regarding sins of the flesh.

It would be safe to say the area gave birth to the modern Democratic Party's view of the world.

The Bay Area has produced prominent Democrats like Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer.

Kamala Harris has been a part of this culture her entire political career. And now, it appears, she may soon be within a heartbeat of the U.S. presidency.

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