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Confirmation Circuses

Biden's key role

October 1, 2020  0
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Brett Kavanaugh: "My family and my name have been totally and permanently destroyed."

When Brett Kavanaugh was undergoing what some have called a public crucifixion in 2018, accused by Christine Blasey Ford and others of taking part in gang rape, one man joined in the pile-on.

Joe Biden: "What I said during the Kavanaugh hearings was she had a right to be heard."

The allegations ultimately fell apart after accusers admitted they lied or the evidence otherwise didn't add up, and Kavanaugh was confirmed to the High Court. But not before Biden weighed in on Blasey Fords side.

Joe Biden: I think they should do an FBI investigation. We did that with Anita Hill. It took two days."

Anita Hill was, of course, the accuser of Clarence Thomas.

Anita Hill: "He talked about pornographic materials."

Hill came forward in 1991 alleging sexual harassment when Thomas was nominated by President George Bush to the Supreme Court. Joe Biden was Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee during those hearings.

Clarence Thomas: "As a black American, as far as I'm concerned, it is a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas."

He was eventually confirmed, but not without having his reputation torn to shreds — Biden leading the charge.

Joe Biden to Anita Hill: "Why did you think he was saying these things to you?"

To this day Biden continues to peddle the narrative that Thomas was a sexual predator.

Joe Biden: "Her reputation was attacked. I believed Anita Hill. I voted to oppose Clarence Thomas."

It wasn't the only confirmation circus Biden oversaw. In 1987, America watched the spectacle of Judge Robert Bork subjected to partisan attacks by Democrats.

Sen. Ted Kennedy: "In Robert Bork's America, blacks would have no room at the inn, there would be no place in the Constitution for women ... ."

A brilliant and respected jurist, Bork had been nominated by Ronald Reagan to replace the retired Justice Lewis Powell, the swing vote on issues like abortion, affirmative action and criminal justice. 

But Bork couldn't survive the Dems' dirty tactics, again led by Biden, who painted Bork as a right-wing radical who wanted the government breaking into bedrooms.

Biden to Bork: "Can you think of any other way there exists a constitution right to protect a married couple with regard to questions about birth control?

Bork was defeated 58 to 42.

To this day, Biden credits himself with the defeat.

Joe Biden 2020: "I almost singlehandedly made sure that Robert Bork could not get on the Court ... ."

As another confirmation battle looms, this time with Catholic Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Biden — as Democratic contender for president — will once again be front and center.

Biden has thus far refused to condemn the ugly attacks on Barrett by the Left, and if his track record is any guide, he'll take part. The only question is what tricks Biden and his party have up their sleeve to sabotage Trump's nominee.

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