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Damage Control Time

This could be the end for Cdl. Dolan.

December 15, 2015  0


If half of what is alleged in the million-plus dollar lawsuit against Cdl. Timothy Dolan and his archdiocese is true, it could be the end of him being archbishop of New York. And this is a case that other bishops should pay close attention to because if it can happen here, it can happen anywhere.

There are two major areas that overlap in this tragic case. First: the sordid sexual deeds of a priest made pastor of a Bronx parish by Cdl. Dolan — Fr. Peter Miqueli — whom parishioners charge with carrying on a perverted pay-for-gay sexual relationship with a live-in lover for years. The second area which overlaps is that in order to pay for this perverted lifestyle, Fr. Miqueli embezzled nearly a million dollars over the course of years from two parishes.  

The first is obviously sinful; the second is not only sinful, but also criminal. For at least two years, parishioners took their case to various personnel at the archdiocese and were dismissed. Other troubling areas involve gay porn on the rectory computer seen by a young teenage boy. When he saw it, the gay prostitute, who was present at the moment, made up excuses for it. Despite a mountain of evidence, chancery officials kept denying there is any evidence — and that includes most especially Cdl. Dolan, who is the one where the buck stops.

There are copies of receipts, multiple eyewitnesses, various letters back and forth, some of them signed by Cdl. Dolan, all proving that His Eminence and others in the chancery knew about this situation for a long while and did very little. It was only after local media reports and stories at the end of last week that the archdiocese finally admitted that, yes, there is a problem. Father Miqueli officially resigned and made the announcement public this past Saturday evening. Archdiocesan spokesman Joe Zwilling stood at the back of the parish at every Mass this past weekend saying nothing but observing and taking mental notes.

Zwilling, you will recall, is the one who sent the guards to rough up our Church Militant crew back in March when we asked Cdl. Dolan a question about him approving homosexuality in the parade.

The archdiocese and Cdl. Timothy Dolan are in massive damage control now waiting to hear word if criminal charges are forthcoming from the district attorney's office. Subpoenas are going to be issued in the civil suit, and it is not uncommon to see criminal charges get filed as well. has learned archdiocesan authorities are now calling in witnesses and others with intimate knowledge of the case to do prep work with them anticipating they will soon be subpoenaed. According to the suit, there was the initial crime — a homosexual priest stealing over a million dollars to fund a drug-fueled sex life with a live-in gay-for-pay prostitute in a sadomasochistic role-playing sex fantasy which went on for years. Then there was the negligence on the part of the archdiocese for more than a year to investigate parishioners' concerns.

And now, according to people close to the case has spoken with, it appears the inevitable cover-up has moved into high gear, as various people are being told to keep quiet. The archdiocese, for example, was well aware of the gay-for-pay prostitute Keith Crist because they issued a public directive that he not be allowed on church property all the way back in 2013. In 2014, one individual with intimate knowledge who worked for the church went to Bp. Gerald Walsh to blow the whistle with the promise that they would be protected. After revealing everything, they were subsequently fired.

According to witnesses, Fr. Miqueli himself bragged he was protected by powerful friends in the archdiocese. According to various sources, the powerful friends include allies of Fr. Miqueli stretching all the way back to his days as a seminarian at St. Joseph's seminary in Yonkers — and not just fellow seminarians, but clergy staff who are now part of a so-called lavender mafia operating inside the chancery.

This so-called mafia is composed of other homosexual clergy and homosexual-friendly clergy who protect their own and run much of the diocese through intimidation. Speculation is that Cdl. Dolan is more than just aware of this group which he inherited when being appointed to be New York archbishop in 2009. Some think it is at least partially responsible for his continued outward embrace of much of the New York gay agenda.

If it's true that there is a powerful gay lobby so close to his throne, the question arises: Is the cardinal a helpless victim doing their bidding as he late Cdl. George of Chicago confided of his case to close friends, or is Dolan a willing accomplice?

But at the end of the day, none of that will matter if and when criminal charges get filed against the cardinal, the archdiocese and its representatives, who appear to have misled and misrepresented much of the facts of this case for quite some time. Various New York insiders have expressed to that they have wanted to see the gay stranglehold on the archdiocese broken, but have been helpless to do anything about it. It now appears that the media spotlight and potential jail time could begin to loosen that grip.

All of this has happened because bishops and others — and not just here in New York — have allowed homosexuality to rule the day in the dark corridors of power in various quarters of the Church. It may indeed be the case that huge monetary awards and possible jail is what will be needed to end it.

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