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False, Substitute Catholicism

The bishops building a fake Catholic Church will be damned.

January 6, 2016  0
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The Church in America — and much of the West — is controlled by a homosexual collective and its gay-friendly allies in the ranks of bishops and priests, as well as various laity. These men are on the path to Hell. They will go to join Judas, from whose apostolic line they are descended in spirit. Until this reality is confronted — the hell-bent homosexual collective — until it is resisted and exposed, don't count on anything changing, other than even greater numbers deserting the Church.

We see evidence of the power of the homosexual collective everywhere you look, from the  Synod in Rome the past two years, to the cover-up going on in the New York archdiocese, to the support by Cdl. Timothy Dolan for active homosexuals marching in the St. Patrick's Day parade, to reports from diocese after diocese of homosexual priests and their "boyfriends." The evidence is so overwhelming that you would have to be dead to miss it — dead, or part of the establishment Church which is controlled by this collective — or employed by an official Catholic media outlet who isn't allowed to report on the truth.

More evidence? The phony LGBTQ ministries in hundreds of parishes across the country; the gay teachers and principals at dozens of Catholic schools; the various homosexual liturgy and choir and music directors firmly ensconced in Heaven knows how many parishes across the country.

The homosexual collective has worked its will virtually unopposed this past half century, gaining great momentum these past 30 years or so. And that is why when you look at hardcore data, like the most recent numbers from the Pew Research Center, no one could be surprised, given that the hierarchy in the United States, taken collectively, is massively gay-friendly.

The Pew numbers from their polling a little more than a year ago reflect that 60 percent — nearly two-thirds of American Catholics who go to Mass each week — think that homosexuality should be more accepted by society.

You heard right. These are the Catholics going to Mass — not the Christmas Easter Catholics who rarely show up, if at all, but the ones going to Mass. If that stat alone doesn't blow the miters off the bishops, then nothing will. But then again, a good number of bishops would agree with that premise. Many of them came out and said it at the Synod on the Family.

Face the facts here, folks. Too many clerics accept homosexuality and want it to be more accepted. Some will dance around the topic if confronted directly, saying weak things like, "Well, Jesus accepted everyone" — a deceptive statement if there ever was one by implying that Heaven, the Divine Majesty, has no real problem with this, so why should you?

The more honest among them, like Detroit's retired auxiliary bishop Thomas Gumbleton, will come right out and say (as he has multiple times) that the Church needs to change and throw open the doors to the lavender gang. Detroit, in fact, is a shining example of the homosexual collective running the show. Each Sunday, a public Mass is offered, oftentimes by priests of the archdiocese, which is a gay Mass.

The archbishop of Detroit Allen Vigneron knows all about it. The chancery knows all about it. The clergy of Detroit know all about it. It has been publicly protested. It's been on the local news. It's been going on for over 40 years. Yet no one — most especially the archbishop of Detroit — lifts a finger to stop this abomination, this profanation of the Mass, because Detroit is ruled by the homosexual clergy collective.

Even the recent three Courage conferences held here this summer — Courage being a group for same-sex attracted Catholics — couldn't resist having out-and-proud homosexuals on the speakers platform — speakers who say such things as "I'm lesbian and I'm proud. God made me this way. I'm just celibate." 

That is not Catholic — no way, no how. 

The ship is being steered by a homosexual collective that by and large hates tradition in the Church and wants to stamp it out so this whole new fake, substitute Catholicism can be ushered in. The reality is their work is almost done. Most of the clergy either is homosexual, is homosxual-friendly or are too cowardly (with good reason) to speak up and condemn this evil.

Far from ushering in their phony Catholicism, it is a fait accompli. Most American Catholics have already made their choice. Most of the hierarchy has already made its choice as well. They are in the tank for the whole Church of Nice, homosexual-collective-ruled, "feelings matter more than dogma," chaotic, diabolical mess.

Various prelates, like Detroit archbishop Allen Vigneron, New York cardinal Timothy Dolan and scads of others, not to mention the establishment cowards beneath them, will soon stand in the presence of Jesus Christ the Judge, the Supreme Shepherd, Who will show them the countless souls who were damned on their watch before they themselves are consigned to that same hellfire for eternity.

That will be their fate — as it will be the fate of anyone who denies Our Blessed Lord in deed, word, thought or action without repenting. How do these men sleep at night? They are constructing a false Church, a substitute Catholicism. They busy themselves building evangelization teams and taking polls of the faithful — the same faithful who reject a plethora of the Church's teaching.

They convince themselves that because they work in the Church that they are doing the work of the Church. And they are fools.

"If the Lord does not build the house, in vain do its builders labor. If the Lord does not watch over the city, in vain does the watchman keep vigil. In vain is your earlier rising, your going later to rest" (Psalm 127:1).

This fake substitute Catholicism being constructed by influential cardinals like Donald Wuerl and the rest of his collective will be smashed by Our Lord in His Divine time. Heaven permits evil, even sometimes permitting it to flourish, so that at the end of the day, His glory may shine forth greater and His victory be even more complete.

Even in our natural human experience, we admire a team that demolishes a strong opponent as opposed to a weak one. Our Blessed Lord's victory will be utterly complete and devastating when it comes — and it is fast approaching.

Pity these poor prelates, toiling away at undermining His Bride; pity those who have not responded to the grace from your and my prayers on their behalf. When the Master of the House returns and puts His house in order, these will be beaten and tied up, cast out into the outer darkness, and they will descend with the dragon into the fiery pit, and the smoke and the cries of their torments will go up forever.

You bishops who are not fighting for the authentic faith need to stop, repent and reverse course now. You need to do it now. You need to stop listening to those diabolically inspired voices who say to you that we have a "reasonable hope that all men are saved." That gives you rationalization to never repent, because you are too willing to accept that there is no eternal consequence for your grave sin of demolishing the authentic faith in the souls of millions.

You need to think, pray and repent - and do it publicly. You are becoming advanced in years. Death is closer than you imagine. You will not only be responsible for your own sins, but the sins of those you did not try to save. How horrible will your eternal punishment be if you continue down your current paths?

Your time will soon be at an end.


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