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St. Francis de Sales and Church Militant

April 20, 2015  0

Saint Francis de Sales is the patron saint of the Catholic press, among other things.

He was awarded this distinction owing to his work of writing tracts about the Catholic faith and slipping them under the doors of former Catholics who had been swept out of the Church by the idiotic and evil heresy of John Calvin.

For the record, all heresies are not only diabolical, but also idiotic.

Saint Francis spent three years, barefoot, sleeping outside, eating very little trying to re-convert the 60,000 former Catholics in a nearby region of Switzerland in the sixteenth century.

He had initially set out with just one other person, a cousin, because everyone else thought he was a nut job. His father offered him no financial support at all and even disowned him.

And unsurprisingly, his diocese offered him no real financial support either. Over three years, he trudged through the region, where the villagers threw him off their property and even threw rocks at him.

In the frigid winters, his feet became so frozen they would bleed as he walked through the snow tying to reclaim the lost sheep.

He slept in barns when they were available, and even up in a tree one bitter night to avoid wolves. It was so frigid in fact that, after having tied himself to the branches so he wouldn’t fall out, he actually had to be cut down after waking up nearly totally frozen and unable to move.

This existence went on for three years. Eventually even his cousin gave up and left him because Francis had not made even one convert after all his preachings.

As disheartening as that must have been for him, he kept at it. Since the former Catholics would not open the door for him, he would slip his sermons under their doors.

You might say he took to the media! He wrote out his sermons by hand—hundreds of copies—and pushed them under the people’s doors. This is the first record we have of religious pamphlets or tracts being used to preach the truths of the Faith.

What Francis had not been able to accomplish in person, he was able to make progress with using the new media of his time. By the time he returned to his home diocese, 40,000 former Catholics had returned to the Faith.

This kind of supernatural grace-aided effort is what is required these days. And this is what the New Evangelization—or better said, re-evangelization—is all about: convincing former Catholics or Protestant-minded Catholics that they need to return to the Church established by Jesus Christ.

Now, this necessarily means you have to say very clearly and unambiguously that the positions and beliefs held by former or bad Catholics are wrong.

While the principle of what St. Francis de Sales did still applies, it must be executed in a totally different way.  While human nature itself hasn’t changed, the theater that human nature operates in has changed.

There’s a whole different world facing us faithful Catholics square in the face: rampant sex, technology, and so forth.

We might not be able to get through the front doors, but this technology has made it possible for us to not have to go through the front door.  

The diabolical has effectively figured this out—just bypassing the front door and coming in through the electronic portals.  And that’s what we are doing here at with our whole new website.

It’s totally refashioned with the latest and newest look and feel for effectively communicating the Faith, news about the Faith, information and context about what’s going on in the world and inside the Church—shining the light on anything that prevents people from coming to know and love the Bride of Christ.

As you might imagine, saying it like it is, putting it out there, ruffles the feathers of the more genteel, the more “diplomatic,” the professional Catholic crowd.

Their lace-curtain approach, their “don’t upset people and make them feel uncomfortable” tactics have accomplished nothing and actually are now standing in the way.

This whole tone of the Catholic Establishment must be defeated.  It’s worthless, wimpy, and whiny.  It inspires nothing—nothing except indifference.

The Church of Nice needs to get back to the gym and develop some muscles.  In the meantime, we need to get about the business of the work of great men like St. Francis de Sales and preach the hard truths—get in people’s faces, confront the evil in the Church, and all this despite being mocked and abandoned by the Establishment Church of Nice gang.

No one in the world listens to them with their pudding mouth approach. Why should we?

So welcome to the much ballyhooed and promised new Church

Please bookmark it or, even better, make it your homepage. Come to it frequently throughout the day for updates on news, analysis, commentary, and most importantly, to tune into the premium channel and learn about the Faith: hundreds of hours of programming, completely faithful 100% to the Magisterium of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Scan around the page, click on anything and everything that tickles your fancy.

And while you’re doing that, consider this: the work of men like St. Francis de Sales is being carried on by sites like this. Please support our work with your prayers, your financial help, and telling your friends and families about us.

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