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Communist China’s Declining Birth Rate

One-, two-, three-child policies

June 2, 2021  0

The Chinese Communist Party, CCP, has attacked the family harder than any other country. With its one-, and then two-child policies, China has an aging population and shrinking workforce. Church Militant's William Mahoney looks at the CCP's latest attempt to fix the problem it created.

Chinese woman: "I think the country should have published this policy earlier. Couples like us have missed the time that we could have another child."

The CCP is now permitting couples to have a maximum of three children.

President Xi Jinping just approved the new policy, scrapping the two-child policy established only five years ago.

After the one-child policy was put in place back in 1980, an estimated 400 million births were prevented, reducing the country's birth ratio to just 1.7 children per family.

Tampering with procreation proved problematic, so the CCP introduced a two-child policy in 2016.

But after a brief uptick, the birth rate continued to plummet.

This new three-child policy could be too little, too late.

A China correspondent for BBC noted, "Generations of Chinese people have lived without siblings and are used to small families. Affluence has meant less need for multiple children to become family-supporting workers."

Beijing's family policies are a failure and should have been removed "yesterday," says the head of communication at Human Rights Watch.

Mei Fong, Humans Rights Watch: "You have a nation of really aging, lonely people, who have been massively terrorized by this very traumatic — and at the end of the day, very unnecessary — punitive family planning policy. "
Even for those couples who want bigger families, the conditions in China make that difficult.

Chinese family: "If conditions allowed, we'd have more kids. These days, young people have to buy a house. This amount of pressure is already huge. And then you have to consider the cost of education. I think this sort of policy will be difficult to implement." 
For decades, communist China has been enforcing its draconian birth laws through fines and even forced abortions to the tune of roughly 13 million per year.

Steven Mosher: "The Chinese Communist Party, however, does not hesitate to interfere with people's wants and wishes, right? So I'm very much afraid that we're now going from discouraging childbirth to encouraging childbirth. But if that doesn't work, then where do we go?"

The CCP's lust for world domination now seems threatened by its own policies against natural and divine law.

Margaret Atwood's pro-abortion novel, The Handmaid's Tale, presents a dystopian world where the government forces women to birth children. The CCP's policies are much closer to that horror than any pro-life policies. 

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