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DIY Home Abortions

Activists pushing to bring death home

May 13, 2020  0

Abortion is flourishing during the Wuhan flu panic, and while abortion mills are still operating, activists are going even further, trying to make home abortions the norm.

Fears of the virus are still keeping some women away from abortion mills, and the abortion industry is banking on telemedicine.

Current U.S. Food and Drug Administration rules demand the first abortion drug be administered in abortion facilities and the second taken at home 24 hours later. 

It also stipulates the drug be supplied directly to health care providers who are certified to prescribe the drug product, be dispensed in certain health care settings and not be available in pharmacies or on the internet.

But an FDA research program, TelAbortion, started in 2015, is suspending abortion drug dispensation rules for participants, allowing women to obtain abortions through Planned Parenthood by video conferencing with an abortionist procuring abortion drugs through the mail.

Since June 2019, it's expanded from five to 13 states, and with the Wuhan flu crisis gaining momentum, demand for home teleabortions has skyrocketed, doubling in March and April. 

To address the growing demand, conservative U.S. senators in February introduced the Teleabortion Prevention Act of 2020, seeking to ban the practice on the grounds that no so-called health care provider is present.

But with abortion activists pushing the program — hoping it will be permanently implemented — the murder of unborn children will become even easier.

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