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International Assault on Free Speech

All-inclusive hate speech

January 13, 2021  0

A new international initiative to stifle speech seen as dangerous to the progressive narrative is percolating overseas. A crackdown on so-called hate speech is alive and well in France, Germany and across Europe.

A commissioner of the European Union, Thierry Breton, is pleased with the new crackdown: "We will have to regulate stronger. So that's why the corporation ... a relation we have to have with the platforms ... to pass, hopefully, this situation together.  Let's invent the future together."

The challenge to the internet, he claims, is global in nature. He is calling on the incoming Biden administration to join forces to craft a "new global approach to online platforms." 

The main point of contention is the difference between free speech and hate speech.

Dennis Prager: "For the first time — literally the first time in American history — free speech is threatened. According to Pew and other polls, about half of Millennials — and many other Americans, not just Millennials — do not believe in free speech for "hate speech."

We know about the new crackdown on free speech by Big Tech companies, using the Capitol building siege as their excuse. Twitter has banned President Trump and other conservative voices, as has Facebook and YouTube. Amazon will not provide apps to Parler, and the free exchange of thought — challenging the leftist narrative — is under attack.

President Trump: "Peacefully and patriotically, make your voices heard."

All this, despite warnings from Congress that such actions by public platforms are unlawful.

Motivated by an incoming Democrat administration, the First Amendment is being transformed before our eyes.

But what is hate speech? Almost everyone agrees graphic language and images relating to child abuse, terrorism and defamation have no place on the internet. But this where the great philosophical divide begins.

To the Luciferian Left, graphic hard-core pornography and relentless attacks against religious values are fair game. To them, hate speech includes biblical and Church teaching on homosexuality, abortion and the nature of biological sex.

No doubt, the great religious and culture war is now being waged on the internet. And we are set up politically for the greatest attack on free speech the modern world has ever known.

President Trump: "You'll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong."

Perseverance, prudence and courage are especially needed.

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