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Leaving Sin Behind

Catholic filmmaker's new documentary

February 23, 2023  0


As Hollywood continues to make increasingly grotesque productions, one Catholic filmmaker is using his talents to preach the gospel.

In tonight's In-Depth Report, Church Militant's Nick Wylie discusses the new documentary about one man's victory over sodomy.

Frank Panico, CEO, Xs in the Sky Films: "I'm happier now than ever. Hopefully — you know I'm a sinner like everybody else — but hopefully, I could be, like I said before, an example, in case there's someone out there that's struggling with same-sex attraction."

Catholic moviemaker Frank Panico recently released his new personal documentary, Unabashed, centered on his struggle with — and triumph over — the gay lifestyle.

Panico teamed up with Jesse Romero of Virgin Most Powerful Radio for the film.

Jesse Romero, evangelist, Virgin Most Powerful Radio: "Everybody wrestles with a different demon. Human nature is fallen, and it's wounded as a result of Original Sin."

The battle between the flesh and the spirit — and good versus evil — is a central theme of the film.

In the documentary, Panico focuses on his experience of a sinful lifestyle, while Romero comments on the theology of sin and spiritual warfare.

Panico: "I used to pray. I say this in the film: 'God, please don't let me be gay. God, please don't let me be gay.' You know from the age of 10, 11, 12, 13."

While many experiment with same-sex attraction due to sexual abuse, pornography or father wounds, Panico claims he never experienced any of those but rather had a good upbringing, free of abuse.


Because of our fallen nature — and we're all sinners because Adam and Eve messed up — that now we're all battling demons. Some might be battling the urge [of] same-sex attraction. Some might be battling pornography. We all have these demons, and we have to fight against our animal instinct.

Even after moving to California at 24 years old and beginning to embrace homosexuality, Panico never stopped attending church.


I would still go to Mass like basically every day. I don't know. It's really a mystery. And I did have other friends who were gay say, 'Look at what a hypocrite you are. You're going to church, and then you're going to go out and try and find somebody to sleep with.' And I guess, in a sense, they were right, but I just kept going.

By the grace of God, through his own prayers and the prayers of his mother and others, Panico was able to leave the gay community and espouse a life of chastity.

Panico: "God is there no romance for me? And I think his answer was 'Yes, but I will reward you and make you happy in other ways.' And that's what's happening."

Sex and romance are not what make us successful or fulfilled. Only a life loving God and doing His will can truly satisfy us.

To watch Unabashed and support Frank Panico's work, please visit

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