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Major Challenge to Alaska RINO

RINO-CINO vs. family values

July 15, 2021  0

Dinesh D'Souza:  "I think there's fairly widespread sentiment in the Republican party — shared by me, among others — that it's time for Lisa Murkowski to go."

Signs are indicating the days of one RINO fake-Catholic in the U.S. Senate may be numbered.

Lisa Murkowski, who supported impeaching Trump earlier this year and who supports prenatal murder and so-called gay marriage, now has a 2022 challenger who may send her packing.

Kelly Tshibaka: "America first, always."

Joel Davidson, editor of Alaska Watchman, a pro-life, pro-family media outlet, shared with Church Militant his thoughts on Murkowski's challenger, Kelly Tshibaka.

Joel Davidson: "She's unapologetically pro-life. She volunteered in pro-life pregnancy centers before. She's a homeschool mom with five kids. She actually represents a very stark contrast to Lisa Murkowski."

Davidson explains why the Alaska Republican Party has abandoned its longtime senator for a newcomer.

Davidson: "She's abandoned any semblance of pro-life legislation or support that she once had. She refuses to oppose late-term abortions. Planned Parenthood considers her one of their allies now."

Already the luciferian media are in attack mode. 

Donald Trump: "You are fake news."

And this, of course, includes CNN.

Tshibaka: "This is what CNN does. They've even been exposed for this by Project Veritas, for taking credit for trying to take out President Trump. This is what they do. ... That's not a legitimate news organization."

The Marxist media greatly fear the Senate may be replacing an anti-life stronghold with a cultural conservative.

Davidson: "She presents a very strong challenge to Lisa Murkowski because she stands for all those kinds of social issues; but she's also pro-life, she's pro–First Amendment. She's unapologetically Christian."

Tshibaka: "The most important relationship to me is my relationship with God."

In her personal life, Tshibaka illustrates family values while undermining the Left's narrative on race, being a devout Christian in a longtime racially mixed marriage.

Tshibaka: "We've been married 20 years now and have 5 kids. It's been one of those wonderful American stories of living the American dream."

In 2022, there might be one less RINO in the U.S. Senate. No doubt Donald Trump is hoping Utah and Maine will eventually follow suit.

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