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Resistance Warm-Up

The Resistance is warming up.

March 16, 2016  0

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Scandal after scandal keeps being revealed among Church leaders. Some of them are sexual, some of them are financial, some are political and some are combinations of all the above. But they are all spiritual, and this is the reason they must be exposed, confronted, challenged — and Catholics cannot back down from this cause.

Here it is in a nutshell: No bishop who allows his priests to lead double lives of sexual immorality, no matter how he rationalizes, can be trusted to communicate the teachings of the Church faithfully. No bishop who is not vigilant with regard to his priests can be trusted to communicate the teachings of the Church faithfully. Even for a bishop who is very squishy and takes the approach of allowing some evils to persist among his priests while he goes over here and does something good cannot be trusted.

To willingly allow an evil to persist, to knowingly allow a priest who is a menace to the Faith of his flock to remain in place, can never be the right thing to do — even if he is, for example, cleaning up the seminary. Evil must be attacked, not counterbalanced.

But this has been business as usual in the Church now for dozens of years. The "turn a blind eye" approach has got to come to an end. And frankly, the faithful cannot even know for certain anymore if it is just a "turn a blind eye" approach, or actually a case of being a willing accomplice.  

The horrible, despicable case in Pittsburgh* that just got revealed is just one example. Too many leaders have done too poor a job for too long. Even when various ones attempt to do something that they think is good, they still often compromise the Faith.  

We see this in the consistent push to offer a watered-down catechesis like the ALPHA program that many dioceses are using in a half-hearted attempt to shore up a horribly formed laity. Their excuse for using pathetic replacements for authentic catechesis? The faithful aren't ready to hear it yet. They need to be slowly brought to it. Ridiculous.

This is why faithful Catholics need to step up and take charge, so to speak, and form a resistance movement to this nonsense — nonsense that says almost everyone goes to Heaven, practically anyone can receive Holy Communion, liturgical abuses that have just been baked into to the Mass and so forth.

If American voters in both parties care enough about the sickening state of the political status quo that they can begin a movement to challenge that establishment, certainly the same applies to faithful Catholics. This isn't about overthrowing the heirarchy; this is about demanding they act like and become the shepherds they are consecrated to be. It's about making sure that the Faith gets passed on authentically to the next generation.

The woeful, political-minded, sex-covering-up, avaricious, ignorant bishop crowd has allowed almost three complete generations to have suffered a loss of the Faith. Catholics do not know the Faith, not because the culture turned sour, but the culture turned sour because Catholics did not know the Faith. And they didn't and still don't know the Faith because leadership cares about almost anything more than that.

So the time has come, as we have said before, about the need for a movement to begin in the Church where Catholics — lay Catholics as well as like-minded clergy — step up and resist this evil, this confusion which has woven itself so deeply into the souls of Catholics. And yes, it is evil, because confusion about the truths of Almighty God always find its source in the diabolical.

God is all about clarity; the diabolical is always about false charity.

We announced a couple of months ago that Church Militant was going to launch the Resistance Movement where we would begin to organize all of you who want to help, who want to commit time, energy or money into this cause. We will shortly unveil the Resistance plan in all its various aspects, but the first thing we would like to do is invite you to become a Church Militant Resistance organizer in your local area.  

This will involve a commitment of time and energy to develop plans for your local area, making contacts and organizing other people in your area who want to help and get involved but may not have the resources to be an organizer. If you are interested specifically in becoming an organizer, please send an email to

It's extremely difficult for us here to run a hands-on movement for the entire country. What we need to begin with is people willing to help organize in their own dioceses or areas other Catholics who are fed up with the current mess. That mess manifests itself in all kind of ways in various parts of the country. And because of that, each locale needs its own boots on the ground, so to speak.

It could be a parish run by a bad priest; it could be the chancery is hostile to tradition; it could be the diocesan education program is too willing to accommodate Protestant error for the sake of some pie-in-the-sky ecumenism. The list of problems is endless, as we all know. 

An organizer at first would begin to organize people who have contacted him or her and plan meetings or get-togethers to identify the top two or three problems in the diocese that are choking off transmission of the authentic Faith. Then after mulling over the problem in need of most immediate attention - developing a strategy to confront and challenge it.

We all see how successful the "community organizer" model has been for the liberal, social-justice, baby-killing crowd in the political world. It's time to take a page from their playbook. Bishops, pastors, educators, need to be confronted on why contraception is never preached about, for example, and the answer that "people will leave the Church" is no longer acceptable.

The reality has to be dealt with and confronted that people who would leave the Church because of dogmatic teachings of the Church have in fact already left the Church.

Their continued presence being allowed is spiritually damaging to others who need to hear that. Same with every other topic that is not preached on. These are huge, enormous sins — yes, sins — of omission on the part of the clergy, and very often that fear of losing numbers in the pews is directly related to losing money in the plate.

That is no longer an acceptable response. The Faith cannot be sacrificed for finances. These scandals, spiritual and otherwise, can no longer be tolerated. They must be militated against.

The establishment is not going to like this, but they must take ownership of this. This has all happened because they failed. This Resistance movement — the independent Catholics press and many other initiatives — are a direct response to their failings.

It's too bad if they don't like it. They have proven incapable of fixing it, so the people most hurt by their horrible choices have to now step up and try to fix it. Why shouldn't Catholics, faithful Catholics, for example, start a picket in front of the chancery demanding that the bishop teach the authentic Faith and not go away until he addresses them?

Most never reply to letters from individuals, or if they do, it's a polite blow-off letter, and nothing changes. Why shouldn't faithful Catholics go to the parish pastor and insist that authentic Catholic worship be offered, meaning stop the abuses and not let up on him until he start to address the issue?

Here's the long and short of it: The bad stays in the Church because those in control are never confronted consistently and long enough. They have learned to stonewall and delay and so forth, counting on the faithful just giving up and accepting the reality.

Well, those days are over. We are on the verge of the Faith being almost totally eradicated in the West. Current trends and demographics suggest that within the next five to 10 years, once many older folks have died, the drop-off in Mass attendance will create a huge shuttering of parishes. But today's bishops won't be affected by that. They will have moved comfortably into retirement with health benefits and so forth that have already been prepared for, while today's few faithful Catholics will have to fend for themselves, dealing with the catastrophe.

We can't let this happen. We have to do something. We aren't starting a reformation, just in case you hear that kind of stupid blowback from the Church of Nice chanceries and their establishment allies. What we are starting is a resistance movement to the status quo, which has resulted in the abandonment of the Faith by so many of our children, family, friends, loved ones, work mates and so forth.

This is the Church founded and established by the Son of God for the salvation of souls and intended to be preached in its glory to the ends of the earth and that all men might come into it. If the leaders don't want to behave and conduct themselves in deference to that reality, that doesn't mean that we can't.

So if you are able to become involved in the Resistance as an organizer, please send your email to and we will be in touch with you. Please indicate what diocese you are in so we can begin our own organizing.  Once we've pulled something together on our end, we will be back in touch.

This kind of effort on our end also requires financial assistance. If you can help with a $25-a-month contribution, we would greatly appreciate it. Those contributors will not only receive a free copy of "Militant," they will also be included on a select email specifically for Resistance members, with updates and analysis on the Resistance.

We have plans to make this a very involved effort, embracing many aspects of social media and various productions — and it all costs money. We are going to be reaching out especially to seminarians and recently ordained priests and reminding them of their duty before Almighty God to preach all the beautiful truths of the Faith — even and most especially the unpopular ones.

We will be producing a twice-a-month highly produced video to keep the message going and inspire even more to join the Resistance. We will be holding regular webinars with organizers to help with strategies and on-the-ground efforts in local areas.

This is all new to us. We will be looking to you for your input and help as well. We don't have all the answers, but between us, we pretty much know all the problems. So please sign up to today to become a monthly contributor to the Resistance, and shoot us that email if you want to go over and above and become a local organizer.

Let's all get on board and start to do what we need to do, sacrifice what we need to sacrifice to turn this mess around.

*Michael Voris meant to say Altoona-Johnstown instead of Pittsburgh

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