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Satan’s Toolbox

April 21, 2015  0

Satan has a wide variety of tools in his toolbox.

The notably holy Jesuit priest Fr. John Hardon used to say, “Just as Our Lord had His disciples, so too does Satan.”

And, of course, that is a purely Catholic thought through and through. God referenced the truth of that as He cursed the serpent in the Garden: “I will put hatred between you and the woman, between your offspring and hers”—affirmation from God Himself that Satan has his own “children” here on earth.

Our Lord even pointed some of them out directly when He said to the Jewish leaders, “Your father is the devil and you do your father’s will.” The Church of Nice either doesn’t grasp this absolute fundamental reality or can’t emotionally or psychologically deal with it because they’re spiritual wimps.

There exists a radical difference between a soul in mortal sin and a soul in a state of grace—the same comparable difference, in fact, between the mourners at a funeral and the corpse in the coffin.

Anyone who is in a state of mortal sin is a tool of Satan. Period. The soul in a state of mortal sin has no grace, no supernatural life, is in fact totally and utterly defenseless against the attacks of Satan. It is completely absent of any sharing in the divine life.

And given the fallen state of human nature—another thing that the Church of Nice doesn’t really want to spend much time talking about—Satan is able to make use of our psychological wounds.  

In a certain sense, they are a door into our souls for his diabolical machinations. When St. Paul warns us of the flesh—as in, the world, the flesh, and the devil—certainly our psychological wounds and inclinations flowing from our fallen state would be included on his list.

This is why we must always be on guard—especially leaders in the Church, those with Holy Orders—against the snares of the devil. Some leaders are under near total control of the diabolical. They are under such control for various reasons—but under his control nevertheless.

Like a master craftsman has various tools in his toolbox, so Satan has different personality types to use when he requires them. Given the particular job, a craftsman may one moment require a hammer, and at another moment a saw or a drill or a screwdriver.

So, on one occasion, Satan may require a bishop or priest who is a man of ambition. In another circumstance, a bishop given over to lust may be the most easily manipulated. Other times still, a cleric who craves admiration because of his heightened psychological fear of rejection may be just the ticket for Satan’s designs.

Then there is, of course, the bishop or priest who lacks zeal, who has no passion for saving souls. Satan uses such a man by focusing his attentions on everything except the supernatural. Such a man has a penchant for organization, finances, or administration of earthly matters, but little regard for the reality of the spiritual warfare of which he is supposed to be a commander.

And it is extremely important to keep in mind that none of these men need to have bad intentions. They could in fact have good intentions, as far as they go.  But not for nothing does the expression exist: “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.”

None of these take into account the truly wicked men who currently wear the robes of the bishop, those who actively seek to dismantle the Faith—in short, those with bad intentions.

They comprise a specialized tool for Satan. But make no mistake: all of these, regardless of intention, are tools of the diabolical. They are all and each in his toolbox, available for him as a weapon whenever he wants, because they have given themselves over to his will.

And as Our Blessed Lord said, “The devil is your father because you do your father’s will.” It doesn’t matter whether they do it intentionally or unintentionally, knowingly or unknowingly.

They do his will, and he accomplishes much destruction because of them. Because of their exalted offices, many holy men have either refused the call to bishop or cried when forced upon them.

Pope St. Pius X in fact said to his grandmother when she congratulated him upon the news of being appointed bishop, “Grandmother, do you not know if I do not carry out my office correctly, I will go to Hell?”

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